What keeps you up at night?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's blog post prompt time! Courtesy of Mama Kat my topic of choice this week is a list, which means smiles all around. I heart lists.

10 Things That Are Currently Keeping Me Up At Night

1. Work. Isn't that always the case? I worry about work. I fret. I lose sleep. I wake up in the wee hours of the morning at least four out of every five weeknights worrying about timelines and next steps and creative briefs. I worry about relationships with clients and relationships internally, including relationships that have nothing to do with me. I worry about whether my comment during the conference call was stupid, or whether I laughed inappropriately at something my boss said that maybe wasn't meant to be funny. I lose at least 10 hours' of middle-of-the-night sleep to work issues (real or imagined) on a weekly basis. Sad, huh?

2. Family. I live a couple of hours from my family and while this isn't a great distance I do think about what they're doing and when I'll see them next. I want to go home for a visit and it's looking less and less like that's going to happen this weekend, which leads to guilt, and then I'm there, staring at the clock radio and feeling like a bad daughter/sister/niece.

3. Friends. Similar to family, I lose sleep over not seeing my friends enough and wondering what they're up to and trying to plan schedules to see them. It's not all bad, though. Earlier this week I couldn't get to sleep because I was excited about Megan's engagement to her sweetie. I found out about it before bed and the good news made it tough to get to sleep!

4. The Duvet. We got this amazing duvet as a wedding gift and it's like a fluffy cloud of comfy warmth when we go to sleep, but a few times I've been woken in the middle of the night and am DRENCHED in sweat. The Duvet is trying to smother me. I kick it off. Then I lay there and think about work for a couple of hours.

5. TV . I feel like a lamewad going to bed at 9pm (which, to be honest, I could do every night of the week quite easily). But most of my "stories" are on after 9. I get sucked into the DVR and it traps me in a sticky web of teen angst and smizing. And then it's midnight and I can't tear myself away from the latest Whitney Port/Kelly Cutrone issue. Bingo=valuable sleep time down the drain!

6. Vanity. I will go to the bathroom and go through my whole getting-ready-for-bed routine. Brush teeth, floss, mouthwash. Wash face, toner, moisturizer, eye cream. Then I inspect. I look for new my first fine lines. I look for gray hairs (none yet!) I examine my pores. I pick at my nails. Peter bangs on the door and asks if I'm OK. "I'M ON THE TOILET!!" I shriek. But I'm actually just picking myself apart in the mirror. I do this with my body too and look at my stomach and legs from different angles and convince myself I've gained 10 pounds since the day before. I think I need help!

7. Clothes. At the risk of sounding like a complete geek I have laid awake planning my outfits for the entire week. LAME.

8. Scary Movies. The night before my wedding, my little brother wanted to watch The Exorcist with me. Noooo way! The first time I saw that movie I was awake until 3am convinced Linda Blair was in my room. I watched a stupid-ass Stephen King movie (The Sleepwalkers??) in high school and laid awake in my room until 6am scared of cat people.

9. Mysterious Vibrations. One night we heard this crazy vibrating noise. We looked everywhere--under the bed, on the bedside tables, around the room--we couldn't locate the source of the vibrating. Both our phones were out of the room and turned off. It turns out the noise was coming from our neighbour's apartment. Hmmmmm.

10. Mormons Locked Out of Their Apartments. 6am, phone rings, jarring us from a nice peaceful slumber. Peter staggers across the room to answer it, thinking it must be important, because who calls a landline at 6am? "Hey, it's the Mormons on 9th. We went for a morning jog and got locked out." Peter buzzed them in, we fell back asleep, and later wondered if we'd dreamed the whole thing. There are definitely Mormons who live on the 9th floor, a group of missionaries in their early 20s, and they definitely go for morning runs. Perhaps it actually happened. Maybe it was a dream. Only the Mormons will know for sure.

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  1. lol...seriously, do they refer to themselves as the Mormons on 9th? lol that is too funny.

    I agree with the whole tivo/dvr there, I am right there with ya!

  2. LOL! The mormons wake me up all the time...and my kids when they knock on my door during nap time! (psst...i live in UTAH)

    If I go through my whole routine of getting ready for bed...I end up cleaning the bathroom.

  3. Haha I totally do the vanity routine too.

  4. @Tanyia DVR is the devil!! I COULD catch up on the weekends, but I usually end up doing so much running around on Saturday and Sunday I end up watching TV during the week.

    @Connie They never come around during the day, just in the wee hours of the morning :)

    @marfmom Such a time waste but it's so hard not to do it.

  5. Mormons, huh? That's too funny. I'm with you on the horror movies!