I Love(d) College...Not Anymore!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This morning I attended a class at Dalhousie University to answer questions about the ad campaign that Colour developed for their corporate residency MBA program, an account that I worked on pretty extensively through 2008.

The visit to Dal was interesting. It took me back to my post-secondary school years and, as always whenever I visit a university, made me think about going back to school.

I doubt that I'll ever go back to school. I'm 28 and a little long in the tooth to be gallivanting around with the undergrad crowd. But there's something to be desired about the schedule of a student. I lived a three-minute walk from the school and I had things timed perfectly. If I showered before bed, I could wake up at 8:45, slap on some makeup and clothes, leave the house at 8:56 and be in class with one minute to spare. Then it was a whopping one hour before my first break, which I'd streeeetch for 45 minutes. Then we'd do a two-hour lunch. In total I spent probably three hours a day actually *in* class.

There's none of that these days, oh no. I probably actually leave the building at lunch time once a week, and the two-hour lunch is a distant memory. Breaks are quick and usually consist of checking e-mail or going to the bathroom. Today, I left the office at 6:00 and was pretty pumped about it...and I'd arrived at work at 7:00am.

Being a student isn't all fun and frolic, however. I remember stealing garlic fingers out of the fridge in the profs' lounge after a staff party because I had no groceries and no money to buy food--although I'm pretty sure I had money for alcohol. Funny how priorities shift. I suffered through psychotic roommates, a house with five cats (FIVE CATS) and a landlord who was a religious fanatic all in the name of having affordable places to live.

At the time, none of this seemed like a big deal, but now I think going back to the student lifestyle would be akin to being a Survivor contestant without the chance to win a prize--it's dirty, tiring, malnourishing and gets old mighty quickly.

So while I had a little moment of envy for the Dal students today, I have to say I prefer the working world. Making money instead of spending it all on tuition and Crown Royal. Being able to buy clothes, not borrow the roommates'. Eating meals that are comprised of the four food groups--the actual four food groups, not PopTarts, Mr. Noodles, beer, and Revs. Just thinking about my diet in college gives me the dry heaves and a case of phantom scurvy.

What I do miss: the companionship, the opportunities to make friends, the lack of responsibilities, sleeping in, the free gym membership that I used all of three times.

Is it worth it to go back? No way. Not for me!

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  1. Hi... I've done exactly that- i gave up my office job, and went back to grad school (Dal) at the ripe old age of 32, with a couple of kids hanging round my ankles.

    It hasn't been a picnic, but I wouldn't have done it any other way. And I'm eating better food than I used, the first time round I was a student.
    I've blogged about it:

  2. Gosh! You make me miss college. I am taking a class this Spring, but I miss the days of having a very flexible schedule.