Married life so far

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pete and I have been married for just about a month and we get asked a lot, "Sooooo, HOW'S MARRIED LIFE?" And the ask-er will sit there with that wide-eyed, mouth hanging open, expectant face, like we're going to reveal some horrible secret about our sordid existence and they just can't wait to gobble up the info.

The truth? Married life is exactly the same as before we were married.

Do we argue? Probably less than leading up to the wedding, when we were both stressed out with wedding planning.
Are we gaining weight? Nope...we're still both working out and eating the same.
Sex? Hasn't changed.
Pregnant? No.
Name? Same
Bank accounts? Still have our own.

We're happy and having fun and the only difference is that now we have a lot more cool gadgets to play with, thanks to our lovely wedding guests and their very generous gifts. I can't wait for my Christmas baking day (it's already scheduled--Sunday, December 6) so I can use my new bakeware and the 800-pound shiny black KitchenAid mixer that's on our countertop. Mornings have improved a gazillionfold since I started using our new coffeemaker before work. And right now I'm cuddled up in a cashmere throw that's nice and cozy.

All in all, things are just as nice as they were before. I like being married (although the terms "husband" and "wife" still sound weird) and I wouldn't change anything about our wedding and honeymoon. I love my husband very much and right now I feel like the happiest girl in the world.

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  1. I get that question ALL the time, and it kills me.

    If you lived with your partner before the wedding, not a whole lot, if anything is going to change.

    I feel like asking the the askers, hows living in sin life?

    And then answering, well, my life is the same except i have a few more pretty rings. :)

  2. Red...right, I forgot the extra rings bit :)
    Kathryn...I'm glad!