Jennifer Lopez fell down and I missed it. Oh, and two guys made out: The AMAs in a nutshell.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apparently the American Music Awards were on last night. Since I'm old and married now with no concept of televised music events, I didn't know I'd missed them until today when I heard a news clip that Jennifer Lopez fell down on stage (I was hoping for more of a wipeout. She bounces up pretty instantly.)

Then I heard that Adam Lambert had caused a bit of a stir with a somewhat sexually racy performance. I don't know what or who an Adam Lambert is but when I hear 'sexual' and 'racy' I'm on Google faster than a 13 year old boy. Anyway, what I saw was this clip...racy, yes, suggestive, sure. I was only mildly surprised, but more than a little annoyed, to hear the response from viewers complaining about the performance, during which he kissed a man, along with various other acts of groping and what would be classified as "suggestive" touchy feely motions and stuff.

I wonder how many complaints there were back when Britney and Madonna (and Madonna and Christina Aguilera, but nobody seems to remember that one) kissed during the VMAs. I bet there were far fewer than the 1,500 complaints that ABC received today. What's the difference? The double standard is pathetic.

These people are entertainers. Calling them musicians is a stretch (obviously Madonna is ridiculously talented as an artist, performers like Britney and Adam Lambert are successful as entertainers and not necessarily because of their musical chops.) The point is, the theatrics on stage, the costumes, the dancers, the makeout sessions are as big a part of their act as their actual singing/lip syncing/drunken swaying and mumbling. Whatever they can do to generate attention and buzz is part of their schtick. It worked for Britney and Madonna and it worked for Adam Lambert. Before hearing about the performance, I had no idea who he was. Now I do. I find it funny that people can't fathom the concept of entertainment or don't understand when someone is trying to get a rise out of them.

Performers are looking for press through any means necessary. By complaining to networks, viewers are actually contributing to the success of performers like Adam Lambert and other "controversial" acts. I really wish I had the free time to contact my cable network to complain about something so stupid. Instead, I have the time to be sitting here blogging about it. Riiiight...

I guess I'm surprised that in a world where there is so much messed up stuff that people still get up in arms over something so trivial. I wish my worst problem was seeing two guys kiss for ratings on TV. I say props to you, Adam Lambert. I'm still not sure who you are, but you certainly had the performance of the night at the AMAs from the sound of things, and you manage to apply eyeliner better than most girls. Two thumbs up.

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  1. The internet is no place for this sort of logic.

  2. Why don't you go do a dance with glitter or listen to Hold On or something.