NaBloPoMo is Hard...uhh...sushi?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm sitting here trying to write my obligatory daily NaBloPoMo post, and it's getting tricky. I'm pretty proud I've been able to post for eight consecutive days, especially since my big NaNoWriMo plans shit the bed after Day 2. I have come to the conclusion that you can't force creativity and you can't box it into a 30-day period. A post a day seems a lot more manageable.

But coming up with content gets challenging. If this blog is my story, what's today's chapter? I woke up, went running, went to dance practice, ate lunch, got groceries, bought a dress for $10 even though I had promised 'no clothes in November', had sushi, visited with my cousin. It was a good day, but nothing particularly exciting or read-worthy.

I'm going to give you some context into one part of my day. The sushi.

For 27 years I hated sushi. Abhorred it. I tried it a couple of times, including vegetarian sushi with carrots and cucumber, and found it disgusting. I made fun of sushi and said that everyone who eats it is a pretentious asshole pretending to like a gross food to be cool and that it was impossible to enjoy eating raw fish, rice, and seaweed. If my friends wanted to go out for a meal, I'd be quick to say, "I'll go anywhere except for sushi."

Then, when we were in the Dominican Republic last year, a strange thing happened. One of the dinner buffets had sushi on it and I think I'd had a little too much sun and rum that day because I popped a piece in my mouth, mostly to prove to Peter that I'd start puking on the spot. And I don't know how, or why, but I liked it! I tried another piece on the buffet. Loved it!!

When we came back to Canada, Peter was all, "Let's go for sushiiiiii!!" since the poor kid had been deprived of one of his favourite foods since we'd started dating. I was worried the sushi had been a one-time drunken Caribbean fluke and that I'd order a big plate of it and get sick instantly. Reluctantly I agreed to try it again, and picked some pretty safe varieties, like California roll and a spider roll. Success!!

I don't know what happened with my palate but sushi is now one of my favourite things to eat. I think I've had it once a week since April 2008, including today. It's quick, healthy, delicious, and comes in so many varieties you can't get bored. My favourites: sweet potato maki and spicy Alaska.

What's your favourite food? Have you ever hated a food with a passion and then suddenly craved it all the time?

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  1. I was the exact same with sushi - hated it for 19 years. Then my cousin persuaded me to try it again, and well, you basically described the rest in your post. Now we go at least once a month.

    I've actually noticed that within the past couple of years, my taste buds have changed a bit. I still like all the foods I used to. But foods I could never stand before are starting to taste good.

  2. I love that you admitted to an 'I'll show you!' moment that potentially could have involved you throwing up out of spite.

  3. Mandy--it's weird how our taste buds change. One thing I've consistently hated, forever and ever, is lobster.

    Ben--I'd totally vom to prove a point.

  4. Haha, so exactly the same with sushi. I resisted forEVER. Anyone who offered it to me was greeted with my best mock-pukey noise. It wasn't until one day when I was with my friend Crystal at the mall and she was shoving it in her face and kept saying... OHHH just try it. COME ON! Well I did try it and it wasn't all bad. Now I'm addicted to the stuff. I live in a small city (pshh)so when I go to a bigger place, I always have sushi at least once, if not more. I love the stuff. Especially with red wine. Mm...

  5. Eggplant and Okra

    I've tried it, I haven't had it done well and I hate the slimy taste.

    I felt the same way about bananas too, but then I realized that I just needed to stop eating them so ripe :P

    mmmmmm sushi.. pho... sooo hungryyyy

  6. @Kathy...I guess I'm not alone!

    @FB You hated bananas?! I have a banana almost every day...I can't imagine life without them :) Never tried okra, but I've had eggplant in things. It's just OK.

  7. I hate bananas and celery. Can't eat em', and the smell makes me want to rip my stomach out.

    I'll eat any.thing.else. though...LOVE sushi but it's practically required by law that you love it here in California. Give me a big slab of tuna or albacore and I'll be all over it. Nom nom

  8. You couldn't get me to eat a banana to save my life.

    But now, I appreciate them.

    I also hated cucumbers (I still kind of do).

    The taste is kind of perfume-y, chemical-y to me...

  9. @redbull I'm surprised so many people hate bananas! I'm not a fan of celery but I'll eat it.

    @FB Oooh I love cucumbers. Cucumber sandwiches on toast. Om nom nom!