Can you make my bills disappear? That would be a decent trick.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On Sunday night I got to see David Copperfield for free at the Halifax Metro Centre, thanks to some company-sponsored seats that were up for grabs. Let's be honest: I'll go to pretty much any event in the company box. Country music concert, wrestling douchebaggery, you name it, I'm there for the following reasons:

1. Seats high above the masses
2. Free snacks (nachos! wings!)
3. Free alcohol
4. Free pop and juice
5. Free admission to said events

Anyway, Sunday's entertainment was probably the only magician (or "illusionist?") I've ever heard of except for Harry Houdini and Raveen. Peter and I went not knowing what to expect. When we left an hour and a half later we still weren't sure what we'd seen.

Everybody knows magic isn't real, it's all sleight of hand and tricks in timing and lighting, blah blah blah. Nevertheless, some of the illusions were pretty fantastic. The worst part of the show for me was that it wasn't relaxing. The whole time I was watching and squinting and trying to figure out the secrets of all the tricks.

My conclusions are that a) the whole floor audience is made up of insiders secretly working for David Copperfield; b) David Copperfield is magic and thus is Satan; or c) he blinds us with his arrogance and gets away with sneaky stuff in the meantime.

In spite of having to sit through a 10-minute series of video clips outlining EVERY SINGLE TIME DAVID COPPERFIELD HAS BEEN MENTIONED IN MAINSTREAM MOVIES, TV AND MEDIA (it's a lot!!) the show was entertaining and a fun way to spend a Sunday.

Another benefit of watching from the box: the magician won't pick you as an assistant during the show. That stuff freaks me out. David Copperfield made 13 people disappear and also forced another guy to reveal the last time he got busy. NO THAAAAANKS!

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  1. LOl i am always afraid of being picked to go onstage at such events too!

  2. we went on Sunday night and I was one of the lucky ones who ended up on stage for the final trick. I went in a skeptic, enjoyed most of the show, but thought it was fun to meet him backstage after the trick. pretty neat.

    glad i went, but I doubt I'd go again.