NO-vember? More like YES-vember!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

November: arguably, the shittiest month of the year. It's gray and cold and it gets dark early. And it gets grayer, colder, and darker the farther into it we go. Thanksgiving and Halloween are over and it's too early to be publicly excited for Christmas without being regarded as a crazy Christmas freak. My car insurance for the year is also due in November. That's OK, I didn't really need that extra $1,200. November is the Debbie Downer of months.

We're only 11 hours into November and here's what's gone wrong thus far:

-Woke up with a wicked hangover--the ol' white wine-and-Jamieson combo did a royal number on my aging ass
-The pumpkins we'd carved rotted, leaked all over the dining room table, and grew mold fuzz that actually covered one of the pumpkins' eyes
-There was some mystery liquid in our kitchen garbage that made the whole room smell like a barnyard
-We "fell back" today with the time change. Does this mean an extra hour of sleep? Oh, no, I woke up bright and early. It's an extra hour to suffer with this ridiculous hangover.

And there are still 29 and a half days to go!

I'm not going to suffer through them. I'm going to try extra hard to make sure November is as minimally crappy as possible. I can't do anything about the weather and the general grossness of the month but I can certainly adjust my attitude! YEAH!

My November goals are as follows:

*Participate in NaBloPoMo and hopefully NaNoWriMo--gotta do something in those dark, chilly evenings!
*Run 5x/week; do weights at least 2x/week; plus one other random workout (walk, yoga, swim, etc.)
*Track all spending
*Get my snow tires on
*Clean out my clawwwwset
*Get a haircut! Before the wedding I was all AS SOON AS THIS IS OVER I'M CUTTING OFF ALL MY HURRRRR. It won't be that drastic but I'm definitely due for a chop.
*Have my Christmas card list done (I already bought my cards--what now!)
*Have our wedding thank-you cards done and sent
*I'm not going to say I want to be done Christmas shopping, because I know that won't be the case...but I do want to have a full list of everything I need to buy.

Fun, huh? We'll see how it goes!

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