Dear Santa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Santa,

How are you? I have been very good this year.

I've tried my very best at work every day and I've tried to be nice to my husband. I have only had one parking ticket, but it wasn't my fault. There was no sign that said you can't park in front of a stop sign. Anyway, I'll pay my fine. I haven't had any speeding tickets this year either! That's a big improvement over last year!

I haven't done any drugs and I haven't even been drunk more than 10 times. Again, I think this year is much better than last. I have read lots of books, practiced my music and cooked lots of treats. I have done a good job of staying out of trouble.

For Christmas I am having trouble coming up with gifts to ask for, so my list will be pretty short this year.

1. J. Crew catalog--please see any of the tailored dresses, any of the ruffly tops, and any of the bling-y jewelry. I like neutral colours and I'm a know everything, right? No need to post it on the internet!

2. A new bag. I'm very much in need of a soft slouchy leathery bag. A good bag that will last for ages.

3. Club Monaco. Just walk into the store, close your eyes, spin around and grab something and you should be good. I like it all.

4. Body butter. Dry skin isn't cute. I'm sure you know this, being a resident of the North Pole and all.

5. New piano music. Peter is sick of hearing Greensleeves and Fur Elise over and over again ad nauseum. Simple music though. I'm pretty sucky, as you know.

6. Books, books, books! Or gift cards to buy books. I think I could be described as a turbodork.

7. Big plastic containers for organizing my closets. Again...TURBODORK. I have a lot of stuff. This stuff needs a place.

8. Shoooooes. You know what I like.

9. Gloves that are good for driving.

10. Lots of dates with my hot husband.

11. Self-esteem.

12. Contentment.

13. Relaxation.

14. Talent.

15. OPI nail polishes. A selection. I like the dark colours.

16. Opportunities.

17. Luck.

I think that considering how good I have been this year and how hard I have worked, this is not a very unrealistic list.

See you on December 24. I'll leave out some Bailey's and milk.


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  1. New piano music.. heck, a PIANO would be nice.

    I am still eying that Roland digital.

    And body butter is a definite must :)

  2. I have a piano sitting here that I've neglected all summer/fall between the nice weather and the wedding insanity. I'll pick it up again over the winter. Body butter's the best :)

  3. You have a "stuff" problem too? I find a Mary Poppins bag works wonders. They're nice and big and you can fit... well, anything into them. :)