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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Since I started working from home in May, I've been moving around our house each day, perching in whatever spot felt the most comfortable at that particular time without a real designated working area. I've spent time in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the back deck, the TV room, and yes, my "office". The problem with my office was our desk chair. It was too tall for the desk, resulting in sitting in a gross and uncomfortable hunchback position. It made working for any length of time impossible.

This weekend, I finally found a chair I liked that fit the dimensions of the desk, so I'm starting the transition of setting up my space (after only three and a half months. Procrastinate much?) I'm so excited to have a place in the house where I can set my laptop up and leave it, to actually use the bulletin board and whiteboard I bought months ago, to get my files and notebooks all organized and make the office a comfortable place to work. I'm hoping that having a section of the house dedicated to work will make me more productive and put me in a "going to work now!" mindset every morning, rather than just "going to sit in the kitchen with my computer!"

I want it to be neat, clean, comfortable, and tranquil and maximized for getting stuff done. I've started collecting little turquoise accent-y things because I think it's a nice, calming colour, as well as framing pictures of some of my favourite people and things (ahem, shoes) to give it a little personal touch. The office is a little girlier than most rooms in our house because I'll be spending a lot of time here and Pete probably won't, so I'm OK with things like flowery patterns and feminine colours in this room.

Here's a peek at the office as of right now:

My desk area. The red thing under the chair is Rory's bone.

My bulletin board with some of my favourite things: a postcard from Paris, a card from my first day at my new job, and a coaster from Boston Beer Works where we pregamed like champions before a Red Sox/White Sox game last year.

Framed photos, post-its and the ever-present water glass. Peter painted the mug for me at the Clay Cafe!

Every year for Christmas I get a page-a-day shoe calendar. How else am I supposed to know what day it is...gosh.

Then, when the calendar is old, you can frame your favourite shoes and enjoy them long past their daily page! Thanks to Ainsley for that idea! My friend Sara made the mosaic tile frame on the left.

The office just happens to house our pullout couch too. Perfect for midday naps and therapy sessions. I bought the blue pillows at Bouclair a couple weeks ago for 50% off.

I may end up moving this guy just because I think it's too small to be on that big wall by itself. It's a wall hanging my mom made after one of my wedding showers with well-wishes from some of the people that were there.

Other future plans include setting up a space for my craft supplies, adding more art to the walls, and maybe a rug for when the weather gets cold. Right now I'm loving the cool basement in the summer heat. I may replace the fugly plastic blind at some point and add more shelves eventually, too.

Do you have a home office? Any decorating or organizing tips to share?

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  1. Love the chair! Looks like it's all coming together. Have you considered a filing cabinet? We have a file box that is overflowing with papers of all sorts and I've often thought about a cabinet to sort and contain it all, but most of them are so ugly. What do you do with excess paper?

  2. OOOOOH Girl, I am envious of your office. Mine gets to co-exist with a large stand alone freezer and the family room in the basement. That chair is fabulous and I LOVE THE COLOR! Keep sharing office transition photos so I can get some ideas. :)

  3. Lindsey - I just sort papers into file folders and shove them in the desk drawer for now. A filing cabinet, even a small one, would be a good idea!

    Supahmama - I'll put up more pictures as we go for sure! At least with the freezer you always have ice cream at close reach...could be a bad thing, I guess :)

  4. :) I love that I got a shout out!! I still get my shoe page-a-day calendar too. It isn't Christmas if I don't get one of those bad boys! And...I found my message on the quilt!