26 Weeks

Friday, August 05, 2011

Sooo, today is the 26-week mark. There are 98 days left to go before my due date. It seems like a long time...but it's just over three months. I'm not sure if three months is long enough to switch gears mentally and go from being all carefree and spontaneous to being PARENTS.

Slowly but surely things are coming together. The nursery is all taped off and ready to be painted when I'm out of town this weekend. See?

This month I'm hoping to get a lot of the "big" stuff purchased so we can focus on stocking up on little things in the fall. I'm OK with buying onesies and facecloths when I'm the size of a small planet. Lugging furniture around and setting up a room, hmm, we'll see.

In terms of updates and how I'm feeling, the answer continues to be "awesome". I feel very blessed to be having what's apparently a pretty easy go of things so far, knock on wood. I have been going to the gym every day, eating like a sane person, and not experiencing too many meltdowns. My one side effect is that my belly button hurts. It's still an innie, but it's looking all stretched and shallow and awful and it hurts if you touch it. I know it's going to pop soon, and I know I will cry on that day.

My 26-week bump photo. I promise it looks more gargantuan IRL.

Every day our baby goes through a pretty rigorous set of exercises that we can feel and see really clearly. Seeing them move around never gets old, and I love it. I love tapping on my belly to wake them up and getting a cranky kick in return. I have little one-sided conversations with them throughout the day.

It sounds strange to say but I love being pregnant. It's not what I expected. I was anticipating months and months of throwing up, crying jags, peeing myself and constant discomfort but so far it's really agreeing with me and I'm trying to enjoy it now. Before long, bambino will be here and I'll be getting barfed/pooped/peed on and cried and screamed at. But right now, things are good and I'm having fun hanging out with my little buddy all day while they pummel my insides and try to kick their way to freedom.

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  1. You look amazing for being 6 mos preg! I hope to be as lucky as you in the mood/feeling good dept when I'm in your shoes. Though the belly button thing made me cringe.... that sounds horrible!!!

  2. you're going have to stop calling it "they" because every time i read "they" i think you must be pregnant with twins :D btw, cutest 26-week-bump EVA!

  3. Enjoy that awesome pregnancy! Mine has been the total opposite. Upside? I'm still under my pre-pregnancy weight at 33 weeks. Can't wait to see the nursery all done!

  4. You are the cutest pregger girl! haha. I wish you smooth sailing for the remaining months! Have fun!