Look at your dang calendars. It's still summer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


All the kids in blogland are already going crazy about fall, and honestly, I kind of want to give each and every one of you a little shake and tell you all to slow your roll. Fall will be here before we know it, and while I love autumn as much as the next person, be honest: you'll wear your knee-high boots a couple times and slam back one pumpkin spice hot drink of choice, and suddenly it's lost its charm and you're complaining about how cold it is, how early it gets dark, how the new TV shows suck and how your tan is already gone.

Fall is actually my favourite season, but I'm trying to cram in as much summery stuff as I can before it's time to pack away the flip flops and sundresses and bring out the sweaters and boots.

[+] I'm determined to get in at least one more beach day this summer, complete with a swim. Sitting on the beach in a hoodie for half an hour with chattering teeth, getting the pages of my In Touch Weekly all gritty with sand, will not cut it. I'm talking full on, lay out, sunburn, and jumping in the waves. One more time? Please, please, please?

[+] Our propane tank is empty but I would like to get that sucker refilled and have a few more BBQs on the deck. Burgers and veggie dogs just don't taste the same when they're cooked and eaten inside!

[+] Guess how many ice cream cones I've eaten this year? TWO! That's gotta change. One more before the ice cream stand closes!

[+] I haven't gone camping, which is fine, because fetus is hardly down with letting me sleep on a queen-size mattress let alone on the forest floor. However, you can still eat s'mores on a backyard fire pit. I would love a couple more s'more feasts (granted this is something you can do into the fall.)

[+] I still need to watch more baseball games, run through the lawn sprinkler, make iced coffee, eat corn on the cob, bake a blueberry pie, play catch in the park, and take a mini road trip.

I have done lots of summery things, however - this isn't meant to be an end-of-season pity party. We spent a week at the beach and I've been there two other afternoons. I've had fried clams, roasted marshmallows, ate my body weight in strawberries, watched Big Brother obsessively, worn coral lipstick, and went on a boat. My uniform the past two months has been sundresses and sandals (and not just because loose dresses are the only things I own that fit.) We went to the Buskers festival, ate dinner on a patio downtown, and took in an outdoor movie - not quite the drive-in but close. Overall, it's been a pretty decent summer!

I'm just not ready to pull out the sweaters and tights yet, and I'm hoping for a lot more summer fun before fall arrives.

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  1. Ha, that's so funny. I know it's to soon but our cupboards are bare and I need a quick sweet fix and that hit the spot. I do want more summer things as well. I told told Sean I want a picnic stat!

  2. I am sad hearing about all the bloggers out there talk about fall. I grew up in a place where people traveled hours to see the beautiful fall foliage. Now I live in Florida so I am just looking forward to going outside without my glasses fogging up.

  3. You can do it! I believe in you! And I'm very pro bbqing in the fall/winter :)

  4. THANK YOU!!! refer to my status on facebook from a few days ago regarding fall! i'm sure like rochester, where you live winter is long, dark, bleak, and awful.

    summer goes by too fast. the week i went on vacation was the fastest week of my life, and it's never enough beach time.

    i refuse to acknowledge anything fall until after my birthday. at the VERY earliest, labor day. i will only acknowledge octoberfest right now, because i love that beer.

    when i was younger, i loved seeing the first signs of a holiday or season even if it was months in advance. now, as i get older, time goes so much quicker and i get more and more annoyed each year at how early stores push seasonal items. they really do lose their luster after just a few short weeks.

    they really should just sell merchandise for all the holidays, all year long. because they all just blend into each other anymore anyway...

  5. Christina - I already marked the cake on pinterest :)

    Mallory - I love fall foliage but I'm OK with not seeing any for another two months!

    Lindsey - I'm going to bbq until there's snow this year!

    Val - Yes, winters here start in December and go until April! That's more than enough for me. I love the hot weather while it lasts!

  6. Well I am glad that I am not the only who notices all the fall styles creeping in every which way. I think I am going to visit the ice cream stand this weekend.

  7. I'm so guilty of this. I can't help it though, we've been hit with a heat index of around 115* so I'm ready for it to be over. And I love running in fall weather. I could do with one more beach day though!

  8. Only two ice cream cones? That's crazy talk!