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Fetus Update: 29 (almost 30!) Weeks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here we are at 29 weeks and five days...which is crazy close to 30 weeks, which seems very DUN DUN DUUUUUN and homestretch-ish and frighteningly close to D-day. Our little bebe is now the size of a squash, which I find to be very unhelpful, thebump.com!! There are approximately 45 different varieties of squash! We want specifics! Is it a spaghetti squash? A butternut squash? Help these clueless kids out.

So, what's been going on in fetus land? Baby F has been getting the hiccups a lot lately which I find just adorable. He or she is active as ever throughout the day (including right now) and in the wee hours of the morning. Often, the movements feel more like rolls and flips, but once in a while there'll be a crazy flurry of really fast kicks and jabs.

Knock on wood, I've still been feeling great. I've been going to the gym as usual, pretty much every day, and eating normally too. I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and am anxious to see if I've gained weight. Even though baby is growing and is measuring right on track, and I can see my bump getting bigger, the scale isn't really budging. I'd only gained a pound over the course of my last three monthly appointments, so we'll see what's up next week. As long as the baby is healthy and measuring properly, I don't really care. As of my 26-week appointment I'd only gained about 10-12lb total.

I'm definitely getting more paranoid and protective of the baby. Last week, I stepped on a dog toy on the stairs, my feet flew out from under me, and I landed on my bum - hard - and skidded down four or five stairs. I was really shaken up and paranoid and of course I ran right to the trusty Internet to see what the geniuses on pregnancy forums recommended. (Side note: if you ever get knocked up, you should probably just avoid all computers. Don't even look at them.) After reading half a dozen horror stories about falls and their consequences I hysterically called 811, which is a service we have in Nova Scotia that links you to a registered nurse and essentially tells you whether you need to be seen by a doctor. She asked a lot of questions and reassured me I should be fine, and told me which symptoms to watch out for. I felt better after calling and better still after baby kicked and punched the daylights out of me for the next hour or so.

I also felt my first Braxton-Hicks contractions the other day - not fun. Anything ute-related sends me into a tailspin. Keep cooking, baby!!

A lot of girls get a real pregnancy "glow" and I don't feel like I have that. My skin's been haggard and dry no matter what I do, and I get ridiculous random breakouts. My hair doesn't cooperate. On the plus side, my nails do look better and stronger thanks to the prenatal vitamins.

Other things to note: Bending over is starting to suck, sleeping on my side is getting old, no strangers have touched my belly yet (WIN!!) and I've still been able to avoid buying maternity pants (DOUBLE WIN!!) Maternity clothes are atrociously expensive. Who wants to pay $40 for a t-shirt that's ugly and only going to be worn for a couple months? Not this girl.

Our nursery bedding arrived the other day - I'll post pictures once the nursery is 100% done but here's a picture from the website. We settled on owls. Unisex, cute, and not done to death.

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  1. LOVE the bedding! So adorable! Glad to hear you're feeling great and your fall was minor. Those things are definitely worrisome, so you definitely did the right thing by calling 811. Better safe than sorry, of course. Yay baby hiccups! They're the best :)

  2. Thanks! Falling down was definitely one of those things I wouldn't have given five seconds' thought to usually, but it had me in such a panic. I'm clumsy at the best of times and it seems like lately I'm constantly running into things, stumbling, dropping things, etc :)

  3. I love your preggo updates. Glad you are still feeling well so far. The fall would have scared me too. I am 12 weeks and haven't been too worry-wartish yet but I'm sure it will come. Loving the owl bedding - very adorable.

  4. I hate to break it to you...but you're totally glowing! And those owls are adorbs!

  5. lookin' good! just wait until you can't reach to put your own shoes on, shave or wipe in the front anymore :P

  6. I love your bedding!!

    You look beautiful! Pregnancy is good to you!! I'm jealous of your 10-12lb gain.. I went up 45! Ahhhhh!!

    I felt two times last winter while pregnant, both times on my bum. Everything was fine and I'm sitting here listening to a teething baby "chatting" in front of me!

    The last 10 weeks FLY by!! Make a "Before The Baby Gets Here" list and do it, I regret not doing that!!! Make sure you and your hubby go out together ONE more time before they get here!!!

  7. You guys are too kind. I feel like I look like ass, so your comments are very much appreciated :)

  8. you look amazing!

    And love the bedding, its so cute