Little beast - 27 weeks

Friday, August 12, 2011

What's up third trimester?! When I got an email from yesterday congratulating us on making it through the second trimester, I cried. I had this overwhelming feeling of noooo...not yet. To say we are unprepared is an understatement. Ditto for me being terrified.

Our little beast has been cookin' for 27 weeks now and already they've developed quite the personality. For starters, they are a mover and shaker. This kid wakes up around the same time as me, bright and early in the morning - usually they wake me up just before my alarm at 6. And then they're up all throughout the day punching, kicking, dancing and I don't even know what else is going on in there. I knew I'd feel the baby kick often, but this is almost constant and can easily be seen from the outside.

If I scratch my belly, I get kicked. If I roll over in bed, I get kicked. Drink something warm? Get kicked. Drink something cold? Get kicked.

I'm pretty sure the baby loves rap. I was listening to Jay Z in the car and they kicked and danced like crazy. Then again, we were on a boat cruise a couple of weeks ago with a band playing and they were again having a solo dance party in there, so maybe it's just music in general.

At our 26-week checkup, the doctor put the doppler on my belly to hear the heartbeat and the baby kicked it hard enough to knock it out of place.

And even now as I write this they're kicking the crap out of me and doing what feels like somersaults, which is the weirdest sensation in the world and I can't begin to describe it.

The one time when the baby doesn't want to move? When I'm trying to show other people the movements. I'll be sitting on the couch with Peter or with my parents or whoever, and the baby's going nuts. I'll whisper, "look at the baby!" And they STOP. So everyone's looking at my belly all expectantly and it's completely motionless, and I look like a crazy nutjob liar.

So in a nutshell, I have an uncooperative early bird baby that loves to dance, but only in private. They suffer from a bit of performance anxiety. And they're a champion kicker.

I'm still feeling good, eating like a sane person, working out every day, refusing to buy maternity jeans, willing my belly button to stay an innie. Strangers are beginning to comment and I want to respond with a blank stare and an "I'm not pregnant..." and see how that fixes their little red wagon. We're still hearing that I'm "carrying high" which apparently means it's a girl. Well have a 50/50 chance of being right!

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  1. Firstly, you look fantastic! Great job on keeping up the gym routine. You'll be thankful afterward when you want your body back like ... the day after labour.

    Don't worry -- even though you feel like the time is flying, this trimester will likely feel like the longesttt. There's still lots of time to mentally and logistically prepare.

    I miss those days of baby belly kicks! I have a friend who hardly felt kicks at all because of her baby's position, so consider yourself among the lucky ones that you get to feel and connect with your baby already.

    Can't wait to see if its a boy or a girl ... everyone and their dog will have an opinion. Ah the joys.

  2. Thank you!! I hope being active helps me get back to normal afterward.

    I looove the kicks...and wondering if it's a boy or a girl. The suspense is crazy!

  3. You look great! With all that kicking, maybe you have a little soon-to-be soccer star on your hands!

  4. Okay did I miss something? Are you having more then one baby? Sometimes you refer to it as "the baby" and then sometimes as "they"...I'm so confused! FYI you look're all glowy and crap. :)

  5. I think you look great! Can't wait to see you both (and Peter too I guess) in a couple of weeks!

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Shel - it's definitely just one baby :) Sometimes I say "They/them" instead of saying "it".

  7. wow doesn't all that kicking make you feel nauseous??

  8. hklover - nope! I don't know how to describe it, other than it's not as creepy as I'd imagined it would feel.

  9. You look great! The same thing always happened to me when I told everyone the baby was moving. She would completely stop. I swear I could hear her saying, "nah nah nah nah nah" in my belly.

  10. If I had read this while pregnant and SEEN your picture? Would have punched you in the face... well... after you gave birth maybe. I always looked like I was carrying twins, triplets, possibly quadruplets. Came here looking for the Mama Kat prompt, found it, and then immediately found you in non-maternity wear in your third trimester.

    Congrats on the baby and for being strong enough to NOT know the sex. :) I'll be checking in more often!

  11. ah this made me laugh--i wanna see the response when you tell people that no, you aren't pregnant! and yes, you look wonderful--def go the glow!

  12. that kid is grounded already.

    and wait until you drop haha. my coworker is as tiny as you and when she carried that baby and it dropped in the looked like she was trying to hide a bowling ball under her sweater and it was about to fall out.

  13. it also looks like you can easily get away with normal fitting low rise jeans.

  14. You look fabulous! Great job keeping up the gym routine :) I will say being 32 weeks now that I am WAY slower and get tired way faster now at the gym though!

    As for the gender predictions ... I am carrying low which would make you think my peanut is a boy but peanut is a she ;) I wanted to wait to find out the gender but my husband wouldn't let us ... more props to you!

  15. Aw, your little bump is so cute! Congrats on getting to the 3rd trimester...I'm actually jealous. I'm ready for that home stretch. Yet, we still have a lot to do as well and are currently unprepared, I think we will be until we absolutely have to get it together!

    I love the kicks. Mine's a little mover too. So fun.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies