Summer Favourites

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summertime sucks for creativity, eh? I have had SUCH a hard time blogging lately for a few reasons. The aforementioned wedding invitations taking up redonkulous hours, the craziness that is work year-round, trying to keep up my workouts and enjoy the approximately three sunny days we've had this summer.

I just asked H2B what I should blog about and he said, "Cuddling." It seems as good a topic as any! I am a definite fan of the cuddin'. I'm not much of a huggy person publicly--you know how junior high school girls squeal and hug and jump up and down when they see each other after being seperated for, like, the amount of time it takes to pee and wash your hands? That wasn't me. But I do love a good cuddle on the couch. AWWW, as I type this H2B is reading over my shoulder and attempting to cuddle. We're so snuggly up in hurr!

Summertime's writer's block makes me extra grateful for Mama Kat's blog prompts. This week, I chose what are your 7 favourite summer items?

1. Hawaiian Tropic SPF 8.

I KNOW. SPF 8 isn't enough protection for a Whitey McWhiterson like me. Don't panic, I layer this with "real" sunblock. I looove the smell of this stuff particularly after you've been out in the sun for a bit and are just a teensy bit schweaty. It brings back awesome memories of the beach.

2. Fresh fruit and salads.

It's hot out. I don't want to cook supper, slaving over a hot stove all 1950s-housewife-like. Salads are yummy and easy, and there are lots of options to keep things interesting. Fresh fruit makes an awesome snack--I've had my fill of strawberries and am getting into cherries and raspberries now. We've been eating more watermelon too. So good!

3. Big sunglasses.

I have had my current pair for a couple years and love them. They are Ralph Laurens, big and black, and hopefully slowing down my crows' feet a little bit at least. I like how they make the rest of me look smaller by comparison because they're so big. You know how the bigger a woman's bag is, the slimmer she looks? Same goes for sunglasses.

4. Gossip magazines.

I love taking these to the beach and seeing STARS WITH CELLULITE! and ANGELINA AND BRAD SPLIT! and JESSICA DUMPED ON HER BIRTHDAY! Totally shallow and pointless and perfect for beach reading. Runner up: Chick-lit. Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin...all easy reads and great for relaxing!

5. Air conditioning.

My Mazda3 is the first vehicle I've owned with A/C and while Mother Nature hasn't been kind with giving us sunshine, she's suffocated us plenty with humidity. Sooo I've been appreciating the air conditioning on the drive home in the afternoon. Same goes for our apartment. Only the penthouses in our building have A/C. Woooo haaaaaa! I love it.

6. Sundresses!

Best thing to wear on a summer day, hands down. One piece of clothing and you're done. Bonus that I have zero boobs so it's literally, like, ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING. Not at work though, obviously. That would be inappropriate. I also have a bad weekend habit in the summer of forgoing "real" underwear and wearing bikinis instead, because you never know when you might have an emergency beach trip or get pushed into a pool or something.

7. Drinkypoos.

I drink way more in the summer than I do in the winter (and by "way more" I mean three drinks per week, not one. I'm such a baby. I used to drink three drinks at breakfast on a Thursday). This year I have been lovin' on white wine and Bud Light Lime, much to my coworkers' chagrin.

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  1. Oh yeah, the gossip magazines are staple during the summer. Well, they really are great any time of the year...but they always make a beach day just a tad more enjoyable:)

  2. Gossip magazines are a definite summer staple! I don't want to have to think when I'm on the beach.

  3. I am so with you on every single one of those!!!

    Great list chickadee!