That's One Happy Woodsman

Monday, August 03, 2009

H2B and I spent the last three days in New Brunswick, and on the way there we noticed a disproportionately high number of statues carved out of wood. Does not want. Particularly in Truro, where we stopped for gas and snacks and emergency tampons, fuck you, Mother Nature it seems like every other tree has been sacrificed to carve a likeness of some town founding father or famous local.

However, continuing a little bit north of Truro we passed through Amherst, aka the armpit of Nova Scotia. Growing up in Sackville, just 10 minutes away, we tormented the Amherst kids and called them dirty. It was straight out regarded as a dirty town. And it remains a dirty town to this day. It has improved pretty significantly since I was a kid and forced to run errands at shitty stores such as Bi-Way but at its core, Amherst still kinda blows.

But I digress. We're driving past Amherst, and back on topic of wood-carved statues, we spied this hot little number:

Whoa. We stopped to investigate and...ohhh. It's just his powersaw blade. See?

Interesting positioning, no?

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  1. hahahahahaha.

    very nice :) road trip finds are so so priceless...

    and yes, I'll second your FU to mother nature.

  2. Truro has a few of those... by the police station there is a cop being 'frisked' by his, I remember it as a bear but I'm sure it was a dog. Glooscap by the highway had to have his torch moved because it looked like a flaming... weiner? You really have to wonder who is making them and do they REALLY not know any better? Nice to see Amherst is still just as dirty.

  3. Baaahahaha .. Only in Nova Scotia.

    Love the new banner :)