What are you giddy about?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week, there's not much to be giddy about. For the past three days at work, there have been massive screwups/bad scenes of epic proportions/general uncomfortable-ness (??) and weird vibes. Half my coworkers and clients are on vacation and the other half are stretched thin and stressed to the max, resulting in several un-fun scenarios.

This quote sums up this week perfectly: "A career in advertising: One big, long panic attack, and little else."--thanks, Hugh MacLeod! I can't think of a more accurate description for my life over the past month or so.

Buuuut, there are a few recent events and things marked on my calendar that I'm quite excited about...one could even say 'giddy' if one were so inclined.

-H2B and I have learned to play tennis. w00t for new outdoor activities we can do together!

-Big Brother gives me three hours of trashy awesomeness per week. This season's houseguests take smarmy to a whole new level. Between Russell's roid rage episodes, Jordan not knowing how to tell time ("How many quarters in an hour?" "Uhmmmm...25?") and Ronnie being a sneaky snake in the grass in geek's clothing, it's a total guilty pleasure.

-This weekend I get to visit a tiny new baby girl and possibly go camping, weather permitting. Alternative option: manicure. Either way, it'll be a treat.

-Next weekend is a four-day weekend for the agency and I will be hauling ass out of town at 5:01 on Thursday afternoon, heading for a beach with zero Blackberry reception, and baking in the sun for four straight days with breaks for swims, fried seafood, Bud Light Lime and Captain Dan's. I can't wait to get tore up from the floor up and pass out in the sand and wake up with a royal case of the spins, a seagull on my shoulder and a cheeseburger wrapper stuck in my hair OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! FOR FOUR DAYS!!!

-Plus, H2B has never been to a zoo! WTF! Clearly we're going to have to take care of that.

The fact that my giddiness is summed up by mindless TV, getting extremely drunk and eating greasy clams should be some indication of how my summer's going. I think that deriving pleasure from hangovers is also clearly a cry for help. Whatever. I'm pumped and I'm going to shout it from the rooftops--I love grease, booze and scandal!

Thanks, Mama Kat for the prompt!

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  1. I'm giddy too! Unlike you and your Big Brother, my vice is So You Think You Can Dance! Cheers to mindless tv!

  2. sooo jealous about your 4day vaca. pretty sure you should kidnap me... i'll be here- at my desk- staring a the computer screen.

    i need a beach. yep.

  3. Hope your vacation is all you need and want it to be!!

  4. I love the beach. LOVE IT! Hope your much needed vacation is all you've dreamed of and more

  5. @Heidi Gotta have mindless TV from time to time!
    @heisschic the 4 days will go wicked fast, but I'm excited nonetheless. If the sun's out, I will probably die of happiness/shock!
    @Grammy/DJ and Jeanette Thanks!! I hope so too :)