This calls for a Bud Light!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yesterday was Canada Day, and H2B and I were sure to spend part of the day drinking beer like good little Canadians. I'd heard that Bud Light Lime was sold out everywhere in the province but when I stumbled over some in an NSLC store during Tuesday's post-work wine run, I had to snatch up a 12-pack.

One might think we aren't very patriotic, drinking American beer on a Canadian holiday. Don't worry...we had Moosehead the night before. We're covered.

All in all it was an excellent Canada Day. We lounged, we watched TV and played Xbox, we took in the festivities on the waterfront, saw all sorts of riff-raff and a pirate ship, and capped off the day with a Joel Plaskett concert and some pretty spectacular and loud fireworks.

Fast forward to this morning at work when I announced that I'd enjoyed some Bud Light Lime on Canada Day. BIG MISTAKE. I got hassled like mad! Apparently some individuals feel that beers with fruit flavours aren't "real" beers. That they're "gross" and "girly" and "for losers" and "wrong". EH?!

I'm not a beer gal. I'm much more likely to opt for white wine or a nice mixed drink, something spritzy. I drink beer and I get all pukey-full, gassy and sloppy and sick. Beer is not my BFF. Beer is for rowdy frat boys and greasy chicken wings and rambunctious Germans.

But put a little fruity flavouring in there and I'm a goer. Rickard's White with a slice of orange--sweet! Coronas with lime? Om nom nomeriffic. I like apricot ale, I like blueberry ale, I don't like ale. So I was all about the lime-flavoured beer, probably because I don't like beer. If you're a big burly beer buff (alliteration, what!) you probably prefer your brewskis un-cluttered with fruity notes and hints of citrus. I loooove it because it's like drinking the Diet Coke of beers and it hides the regular nasty-ass skunky taste of "real" beers.

Best of all? It still creates a nice happy buzz. I can get just as drunk and disorderly with or without the lime flavouring. Bottoms up!

What do you think? Fruity beers, friend or foe?

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  1. Glad you had a good Canada Day! :)

  2. Beers in general- my vote is nay. BUT my coworkers and I have this same discussion on fruity chocolates. I am the only person in the workplace for them, everyone else barfs at the thought... unless it's the only option then they just can't stop themselves.

  3. Bud is disgusting, no matter what you put in it.

    BTW love your earrings

  4. Fruity beer = friend! I think it's tasty! You're lucky for finding it in the store .. I had no luck.