Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is my first chance to blog this week because other than working, eating, sleeping, running, and being in the bathroom, I've been picking away at these babies:

We fiiiiinally got our guest list more or less complete, and have been busy printing the invitations, filling in address labels, tying those godforsaken bows and assembling the invites, which involves a certain degree of craftiness. The goal is to have our invitations ready to go by the weekend so we can start getting them to our out-of-town guests right away.

It's taking a ton of time and we'll be happy when we're done since it'll be a massive to-do off our list, but putting the invitations together has been fun. We bought the kits at Michael's and printed them at home so we were able to do 90 invitations for less than $100 bucks plus some printer toner, so like $140 total. We'll have to add stamps to the reply cards, which will probably be the biggest expense. I'm thinking of just putting an email address on the RSVP cards as well, and putting stamps only on the old peoples' envelopes who probably don't know what Teh Interwebz is. But that might be in poor taste. Any thoughts?

Anyway, it's been a project and a half but the finished results are looking good, and we have been working well together to get things done...not a bad sign!

We have 81 days to go and things are coming together decently. Getting the invites out will be a huuuuuuge sigh of relief. Next up: ordering wedding bands and booking our honeymoon. WOOP WOOP!

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  1. Look at you crack the whip on that assembly line worker!! :P

    Marriage will be a piece of cake for you now.

  2. Er.. I'd blur out your invite info, just in case you invite wedding crashers who read this blog :P

  3. I totally thought your man was rolling a joint when I saw that first picture. Wedding invitations are cool too though.

  4. I think email responses are ok... phone number too really. To be honest I always emailed or called the person to let them know anyway because it's just as much of a hassle to send the card back (and I tend to forget stuff like that). A girl at work has only email response and an option on her wedding web page to respond, I do believe. Hope that helps, and your invites look great by the way! Congrats on cutting back that to do list. If there is anything I can help with, let me know.

  5. @FB thanks for the tip about blurring the info...I'll try to remember to do that when I get home.

    @Jay Yeah it does look like he's rolling a fatty!! Haha!

    @Megan thanks! I think the VAST majority of people would email or call too. I'm just thinking of some of our ollllld relatives who would be more likely to use the mail, but that being said, they're also more likely to have stamps in their houses too :) So I might just add an email, phone number, and leave it at that.