Half-Marathon Training: Week 3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In sad news, my Nike+ sensor has up and shit the bed. Just stopped working altogether. RIP. I've seen tutorials about how to change the battery yourself, but it involves prying it open with a sharp knife and putting it back together Super Glue and electrical tape and all these shenanigans. I may call the Mac store to see if they can fix it for me, or what they'd recommend. If it's truly dead, I'll have to decide whether to shell out for a new sensor or just try something different altogether, like a Garmin - what do you guys suggest?

I was a good girl this week and did all my scheduled workouts on their assigned days:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: three miles, 27 minutes. I did speed intervals and finished up with 15 minutes on the bike.
Wednesday: four miles, 36 minutes. Another relatively easy run. I was sleepy and not as speedy as I'd have liked, maybe because I ate about a thousand pretzel M&Ms before going to the gym.
Thursday: three miles, 28 minutes. Worst run of the week hands down. I thought I was going to woof my cookies all over the treadmill the whole time and wanted to quit pretty badly.
Friday: the most anticipated rest day in the entire world. Just took it easy and walked the baby and dog around the neighbourhood.
Saturday: six miles, 53 minutes. I felt really good the entire time. Just got to double this plus 1.1 more miles to do the half! Woof.
Sunday: yoga, one hour.

I can't wait for the weather to get nicer so I'm not stuck on the treadmill, especially on long-run Saturdays. We have a 30 minute time limit for cardio equipment at our gym so I'm going to feel like quite the asshole hogging a treadmill for an hour-plus next weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine on Saturday! 

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