Five Things on Friday

Friday, February 10, 2012

1. My little boy is three months old today. He's officially an infant now, making the big upgrade from newborn status. Happy three months, Eli! Want to hear something freaky? I don't remember being pregnant. I mean, I remember it, but having the big belly, waddling around, the feeling of toting a fat, writhing, kicking watermelon 24/7 - I don't remember what any of that felt like. Is blocking out those memories nature's way of trying to trick me into wanting another baby? Don't get your hopes up. STFU, ovaries.

2. Yesterday's big accomplishment was organizing the cutlery drawer. I don't have a before picture, because it was a veritable orgy of utensils. I took everything out and put all the orphan knives, forks, and spoons elsewhere, so now everything in this drawer matches and we have backups in case of emergency. I don't know what kind of emergency requires a spoon, and I don't know when we'd get to the point where all 16 spoons are dirty, but there you go. I bought the clear plastic organizer at Stokes this week for 50% off - it would also work for organizing makeup, jewelry, craft supplies, and so on. Now when I open the drawer I don't have heart palpitations. I just need to do this to the rest of the kitchen.

3. Eli made Valentines for his grandparents, aunts and uncles. I found them, surprise surprise, on Pinterest. I forgot to take pictures of Eli's masterpiece but here's the inspiration:

Photos via Pinterest courtesy of this blog

Have you ever tried to create paint handprints of a three month old? It's rull fun. See, babies don't understand you when you say "Flatten your hand out and press it on the paper!" They just want to make fists and rub paint all over their faces, clothes, and rug. Babies suck at crafts.

4. So far I haven't made any progress on my February resolution, which is to try a new way of working out. The closest I've come is giving the side-eye to the rowing machines at the gym. Feel free to throw your suggestions my way. Is there a class I should try taking or a video you'd recommend? Or even just a routine you've seen online that looks good?

Please don't say Zumba. I tried Zumba once and I will eat cat feces before I attempt Zumba again.

5. Even though I'm doing the SAHM thing these days, I probably look forward to Fridays even more than I do when I'm at work. I love having Pete home for a couple days and getting to hang out as a family. This weekend we'll be doing a little shopping, having a birthday visit and lunch with Pete's dad who turned 60 this week, and catching up on some stuff around the house. Nothing too crazy planned, just a nice cozy weekend with my boys. Happy Friday, kids!

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  1. Y u no like Zumba? :) Just kidding, it either seems that people love or hate it. I am on the love camp, but can understand why some people hate it.

    How about Crossfit? I know it's made to look intense, but it's actually really fun and really shakes a workout routine up.


    I hope you and your fam have a lovely weekend together. Adorable valentines, btw.

    1. I wanted to like Zumba! But I have never felt more uncoordinated and awkward in my life. I have two dance moves - the wind-up and the fist pump. And they only come out when I'm drunk. This girl has zero rhythm.

      I've never done Crossfit but I'll check it out online. There's a pool at the gym too that I definitely don't take advantage of!

  2. You had me holding my sides on the newborn crafts and cat feces. So freaking funny! Also? Pregnancy amnesia, IT IS A REAL THING. What burning leg cramps at 4 a.m.? What seething heartburn ALL DAY LONG? What do you mean I threw up after every meal, nap, walk across the house? How did I gain all that weight? You start remembering things years later, but yes, it is the uterus up to her old tricks. THOSE UTERUSES (UTERI?) ARE TRICKY BASTARDS!

    1. People warned me about pregnancy amnesia and I thought it was a myth! It's so real!