Wedding update! Wedding update! Wedding update!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Completed Tasks:
-Ceremony and reception venues booked
-My dress is here
-Bridesmaid's dresses are here
-DJ is booked
-Photographer is booked
-Guest list is started
-Invitations are purchased
-Chinese lanterns aren't being weeded out (thanks mom! They're totally choking out her other flowers--she threatened to pull them but I convinced her to let them grow so I can use them in my centrepieces)
-Tuxes are picked out (not ordered)
-Engagement pictures are done
-Ceremony readings are chosen
-Honeymoon suite is booked

-Book ceremony music (we've contacted someone about this)
-Choose dinner menu
-Figure out the booze situation
-Find a cake
-Decide on flowers/decorations
-Dress fittings
-Choose a hairstyle
-Figure out if I'll get my makeup done the day of
-Buy shoes
-Order tuxes
-Finish guest list :( :( :(
-Figure out how to print invitations; address & mail
-Choose a first dance song >:( SO STRESSFUL
-Put an engagement announcement in the paper
-Book limo
-Register for gifts
-Buy wedding bands OR get our current bands engraved

Countdown to matrimony: T minus 128 days!
According to Martha Stewart, we've completed 31 tasks out of 105. SERIOUSLY!?
*shitting bricks*

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  1. You must be getting so excited! Try not to let the stress take over :)

    A few tips for the to dos:

    - I didn't have my make-up done by a professional, I did it and a bridesmaid helped. I know people who have had their make-up done and they looked too made up.
    - Make a short list of wedding songs and if all else fails, pull one out of a hat. Ours was Sarah McLachlan's Push.
    - If you're stressed about numbers on the guest list, go ahead and invite the ones you're not sure about. I went back and forth on so many names and in the end cut a handful of people because our list was getting too long, and now I regret it. There will always be other people who don't come (sometimes people who rsvp yes don't come). We invited 200 and had 125 show up (we both live away from our families).
    - Buy a backup pair of shoes. I opted for a pair of pearly ivory Old Navy flip flops later in the evening.
    - Registering at Home Outfitters was awesome for us — they made it really easy and people from away could order online, have the item gift wrapped, and we'd get a call to pick it up. Super easy.

    P.S. To heck with Martha — I couldn't follow her list if my life depended on it!

  2. Hey! Just came across your blog and have been reading through some things. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Sounds like you have a lot to do, but also that you have gotten a lot done. Good luck! I'll be sure to stop back by.