The Uniform Project

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I try not to repeat outfits within a two- or three-week time frame. I baaaarely ever wear the same article of clothing twice in one week (gym clothes being the exception, and sometimes shoes) and I like to wait a couple weeks before recycling an outfit. I know, I know, no one notices if you do repeat an outfit. It's hardly a tragedy. But even in elementary school I tried to wear my favourite sweatshirt no more than once a week. (It was a purple and yellow rugby striped sweatshirt with a collar. Clearly something so fabulous can only be handled in moderation.) I like variety and I feel bad for the clothes that don't get worn 80% of the time. They deserve a turn too!

I stumbled across The Uniform Project today and am really intrigued by the concept. Sheena Matheiken has seven identical black dresses (one for each day of the week) which she'll wear every day for a whole year. She chronicles her outfit on the website every day and uses different layers, accessories, and jewelry to liven it up. The project is a fundraiser for Akanksha's School Project, a charity in Mumbai, besides being an "exercise in sustainable fashion".

As of today Sheena's on day 41 and hasn't repeated an outfit once. What's cool is that it doesn't even look like the same dress from photo to photo--there are so many ways to change it up with a little imagination and some cute stockings or a scarf. I'm curious to see if she makes it a full 365 days without doing the same look twice.

It's hard for me to imagine wearing the same dress every day but the project is pretty inspiring--next time I'm tempted to buy another outfit, I'll try playing around with accessories, shoes, or other special touches instead. If a girl can wear the same dress for 365 straight days and always look fresh, I definitely do NOT need any more new clothes.

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  1. Very cool — sometimes it's hard to mix it up, but trying to vary the same dress? That's ambitious!

  2. That's such a great blog! I agree; I could never do that since I love trying new outfits. I'm big on not repeating as well... but sometimes I forget that it's not the same outfit if you accessorize it differently! I'm definitely going to check out her blog :) thanks!

  3. Wow definitely fantastic! I want to try this...On the page it really looks like she's wearing different dresses...But sure she has lot of accessories :-) LOL. However the whole thing is fantastic! Thanks for this post :-)

  4. Thanks ladies! :) It'll be inspiring for sure, especially on days when you want to wear a plain little dress but make it look a bit fresher.