H2B cooks!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

H2B is a freaking culinary genius. Today he came in with a grocery bag containing the following extremely random things:

-quinoa salad
-bean and chickpea salad
-vegan "meat"balls
-chicken broth
-assorted hot peppers
-naan breads

...and announced he was going to make spicy chicken gumbo. Let's be clear: he has never looked at a gumbo recipe or even eaten gumbo before. It just seemed like a good idea. He cooked some of the chicken breast halves we had in the freezer, then cut everything up and mixed it together in a big pot.

I'm not sure if the end result was technically "gumbo" (I think the actual stuff is more heavy on the sauce) but it was delicious!! Really spicy and flavourful and filling--probably pretty healthy, too. He toasted the naan bread a little so it was warm and soft and we had some pinot grigio as well. Afterward we had a couple spoonfuls each of our favourite ice creams (moon mist for him, birthday party for me) and went to Shubie Park to play catch. I'm pretty sure we saw an epic drug deal go down across the ball field. We definitely got to hear some stoned kids playing the new Eminem on their parents' Intrepid's stereo. All in all, an excellent Wednesday evening and a nice little surprise date that was very sweet and a lovely end to an otherwise uneventful day.

I'm very lucky to have H2B, otherwise I'd never get to have gumbo and would have been stuck eating my leftover soggy lunch sandwich or some frozen perogies.


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  1. Sounds tasty! You're a lucky girl! :)

  2. how cute :) I'm glad you appreciate how lucky you are to have yourself a man who cooks, because some of us aren't so lucky... not that I'm complaining. my bf can whip up some great meals, occasionally. but definitely not some gumbo. or some sorta-gumbo that tastes really awesome :)