No Funswick? NO WAY!

Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm leaving work in 10 minutes or less to hit the highway en route to New Brunswick (or, No Funswick as it's not-so-affectionately called), to visit my parents. After this week, which could be accurately described as frantic and/or ridiculous, I'm more than overdue for a little downtime in Frosty Hollow.

Yes, I grew up in a place called Frosty Hollow. Yup--it's about as exciting as it sounds, and is exactly why it's the perfect place to unwind. I have trouble fully relaxing in Halifax. I'm constantly "going" and "doing" in the city and weekends fly by. At home it's like time passes at a different rate and I can really relax there.

This weekend's plans include:

-fishing for little brookie trouts. By "little" I mean teeny tiny. Barely legal. Trouts is an exaggeration. Troutlets? Troutlings? Baby trouts? Is the plural of "trout" even trouts? *brain spasm*

-sleeping in.

-going for a run at the track.

-making a road trip to Moncton to check out the new H&M. YES, WE JUST GOT H&M IN ATLANTIC CANADA TWO WEEKS AGO. This is a bit of an epic occasion!


-reading on the patio.

-visiting my dog and pony show.

-the dreaded engagement photo shoot.

-visiting friends.

Hopefully, being home for a couple days will be just what I need to get relaxed and refreshed for what promises to be an insanely busy week ahead. But we won't think about that just yet. Happy Friday!

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  1. My gut tells me the plural of "trout" is also "trout." Sort of like how the plural of "deer" is "deer." I could be wrong (I haven't looked it up), but that's my best guess.

    Have a great weekend...and enjoy H&M! That is such a fun store! :D

  2. Just ventured over from 20SB and thought I'd say hi! Have a good day!

  3. Hope you're all relaxed now! I came to you through some odd blog babes site. I suppose you should feel honored and, honestly, I'm jealous in a weird sort of way.

  4. @Grammarphile I think you're right! H&M was fun. I managed to contain myself to just one shirt!

    Hi Krysten & Dustin :)

    Sophie, I had no idea about that "blog babes" thing...but I had a good laugh when I saw thanks for giving me something to laugh about on a Monday morning :D