Summer 2009 To-Do

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

+ Cook one new meal every week.
+ Do a Friday happy hour that starts at the office at 4PM and lasts until 3AM (and involves making the taxi driver do a McDonald's run on the way home).
+ Go swimming many many times.
+ Go camping at least twice.
+ See the tall ships and buskers.
+ Have our invitations in the mail by July 5.
+ Have our honeymoon booked by July 15.
+ Refresh my iPod. Take off the songs I skip every time. That means you, Chris Brown!
+ Start actually USING my camera. Take new pictures every weekend.
+ Make a piece of jewelry that isn't so hideous I'll actually wear it.
+ Make a piece of art for the house.
+ Get my tailoring done. Busted sundress and ripped pants and hemming aplenty.
+ Have a get-together.
+ Hunt for beach glass. Build a sand castle.
+ Take a road trip.
+ Write out my story plot before I forget it.
+ Donate old clothes.
+ Throw away old magazines. I do not need Cosmos and Glamours from 2004 but I act like they're precious literature.
+ Pay off my library fines so I can use the library again shame-free.
+ Go to the "lady doctor" and the dentist.
+ Order new glasses.
+ See fireflies (I'm convinced they are mythical, but I also thought pirates didn't exist)
+ Go thrifting and actually find something worth buying!

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  1. Wow, you have lots of goals for the summer. I think I have 5!

  2. Love them!!! Definitely need to go through my music and delete the songs I always skip.... why is that so hard?!

  3. I'm so scared of the library...I know I must have fines from back when I was 15, I bet they're at a million bucks now. They freak me out.