Rainy Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because the weather forecast for the remainder of the week is rain, and it's been raining since Saturday, today was a bit of an Emo Emu day. I put zero effort into my appearance, I have nooo motivation whatsoever to go for my run-or even get off the couch-and I had cookies AND Doritos for dessert (Scream Cheese Doritos, btw...totally inaccurate flavour name since they don't even taste cheesy.) I feel gross, and blue, and blah. I need a vacation...or even just a weekend during which I don't look at my Blackberry or crack open my laptop.

But since it's Tuesday and there's no vacation on the horizon, here is a little list of things I'm looking forward to, and that'll hopefully get me out of my funk.

1. July 1. Canada Day=a day off work!! Hopefully it'll be sunny. I plan on taking the ferry over to Halifax and drinking my face off all day at assorted patios. Rolling into work sunburnt and hungover on Thursday will be pretty sweet.

2. July 9. Big Brother 11 starts. It's my guilty pleasure. I don't watch much reality TV but I have to give props to the sleaziest of the sleazy. I've been watching the Internet for a glimpse of the houseguests. Nothing yet, but stay tuned!

3. Camping with H2B. We have a couple of spots picked out this year...if the sun ever comes back out.

4. The beach, a trashy novel, big sunglasses and some Coppertone. Perhaps some Coronas stashed in my bag. These are my favourite days, hands down.

5. After work drinks on a patio. This is best on a Friday, so you can continue until the wee hours. I love stashing comfy shoes in my work bag and ditching my cardigan so I can go straight from the office to party party party. I'm just realizing three out of five of my favourites involve alcohol...is this a problem?

6. Summer movies coming up: Transformers (I heard it sucked), Public Enemies, GI Joe...I know there are tons more. And Alice in Wonderland next spring, although it looks scary as heck.

7. Mini road trips with H2B.

8. Ice cream!

9. Family reunion in August.

10. Wedding shower hosted by my mom and sister...date TBD.

Now that I'm feeling a little less depressed, I think I can finally haul ass off the couch and get some exercise. Stupid Doritos and cookies. I can honestly feel fat cells swelling up.

What are you excited about?

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  1. Ive been making lots of lists of positive happy things because, like you, the weather is slowly depressing me.

    Im excited about school being officially over RIGHT NOW (even though I have to come back for graduation in 4 hours and tomorrow to literally sit and do NOTHING from 8 - 1).

    Im excited about the weather tomorrow - its supposed to be sunny and warm and will be a perfect beach or pool day.

    Im excited that I pay off Aruba tomorrow leaving me with just 1 month until I leave.

    And Im excited for next Friday when I go on vacation with the fam.

  2. I bet you're pumped for the end of school. My teacher friends are super jazzed...I'm like...womp womp, gotta go to work, all Eeyore-like :)


  3. Wow! It's crazy because I'm from NB but I'm in Quebec for the summer, and we've been having sun all week! Hope the weather gets better for you soon!

  4. big brother is my guilty pleasure every summer ... yay for july 9th!