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Monday, May 04, 2009

I now have another hobby to add to my long list of "Things I Love to Do, But Am Not Particularly Good At." Said list includes things like painting, taking photos, blogging, baking, and decorating. I love them all, and I'd be happy to spend 24 hours a day on any of my hobbies, but I could certainly never make a career out of them. You've all heard of "hidden talents", right? Well, mine are exceptionally good hiders. They'll come out sometime.

Last Wednesday, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I came home from work to find this in the living room...my birthday present from H2B!

In elementary and middle school I was really into music, specifically piano and choir, and played every chance I could. Somewhere along the line I decided music was dorky and abandoned ship. But lately I've been thinking of getting into piano lessons, since I already know the basics and can read sheet music and stuff. H2B knows nothing about pianos but he picked this out all by himself, smuggled it home without me having any idea what he was up to, and set it up while I was at work...see why I love him bunches??

I bought Piano For Dummies and am making my way through the book trying to relearn everything I've forgotten. Piano is as much fun as I remembered, even though it's shocking how bad a player I am. I won't be a concert pianist any time soon but I'm happy plunking away on the keys. I'm sure the neighbours are enjoying my birthday gift a little less than I am--this is payback for all those mornings when I'm sadly nibbling at my Special K or cottage cheese and fruit and can smell the bacon feast being cooked next door. Piano might be noisy but it won't make you fat or give you swine flu. I win.

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  1. You make me laugh so hard...

    "Piano might be noisy but it won't make you fat or give you swine flu. I win.":) Eating pork can't transmit swine flu by the way.. but you knew that.

    I LOVE the piano! I played for so many years. When I get a home, I'm buying a used baby grand..

  2. Thanks Jeff! We have 3 stools...I think they're from Attica from a couple years ago.

    FB...a baby grand would be awesome! I'd like to have a big room with just a grand piano in it :) I have been making fun of swine flu for the past 2 weeks, every time someone coughs, sneezes, eats bacon--some people seem to honestly think it's contracted by eating pork which is hilarious to me.

  3. Nice piano!!

    I tagged you in my blog, by the way :)