Hockey night in Canada

Thursday, May 28, 2009

H2B and I are athletically retarded. I know next to nothing about professional sports, and he knows even less. That hasn't stopped us from betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs, never mind the fact that we haven't watched a game all year.

My money's on Detroit and H2B is jumping on the Sidney Crosby bandwagon with both feet and going for the Penguins.

If Pittsburgh wins, I have to take him to the Keg for dinner. IfWhen the Red Wings win, we will be taking a ferry ride to the city, getting birthday party ice cream, and going for a walk to count Crocs on tourists and laugh (my second favourite summer activity after getting crunk at the beach).

Personally, I think hockey should have been wrapped up months ago. It's warm enough for shorts and patios and we're still watching a sport that is played on ICE and involves layers of clothing and gloves?! Wrong.

The quicker this series is over, the happier I'll be. I'm hoping for a Red Wings sweep so I can have my ice cream next weekend and move on to bigger and better things, such as pretending to know what's going on in major league baseball.

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  1. Love hockey, but the playoffs are always too long.

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  3. haha I LOVE making bets with Matt. Your bet is awesome-- great ideas! I'm going for the Red Wings too, but it's cause Matt's from detroit... we should bet on the score, or something. I'd be up for a ferry ride! and some ice cream! :)