Are there some words you love and others you disklike, or am I just a big geek?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm quite the fan of the following words:

These words, not so much!:
-schedule (when pronounced SHED-ule)

Two of my favourite words: FRIDAY AFTERNOON :) There is nothing nicer than a weekend with very few set-in-stone plans. The possibilities are endless. I hope to take in a movie, do some painting and crafty stuff, practice piano, get in two really good runs plus kickboxing class and some other outdoorsy things, get my car's oil changed and shop for new glasses, because I'm an old lady now who hollers about loud rap music in other cars, goes to bed by 10pm and has failing eyesight.

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  1. People get bonus points in my books for using the word 'sherpa' appropriately.

    However, I'm one of the many who most certainly is NOT down with the word 'moist'.

    Even when said in reference to cookies.

    Of the baked good variety.

  2. Moist IS gross! Dank is also disgusting. Anything alluding to clammy wetness is not appealing!