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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday I celebrated the big 2-8. What's that you say? I don't look a day over 21? Oh, why thank you! What, you don't believe I'm actually 28? Bless your little heart!

I certainly don't feel 28 and I didn't have the mild panic attack that came with last year's birthday--the one where I cried in my car at lunch time because, for the first time in my life, I felt old. I'm looking forward to 28. I like even numbers, and 8 is my lucky number, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the next 364 days.

Birthdays seem like a better time to make resolutions and goals than New Year's for me. Nobody really expects to keep a New Year's resolution. You kind of know it's going to fall by the wayside in the first three or four weeks. But before I turn 29 (omgomgomg) there are a few accomplishments that would be pretty great that I'm going to aim for.

I considered making one of those "30 things to do before I'm 30" lists but that's a lot of pressure. Have you seen some peoples' lists? They're going to see the entire world, run a marathon, learn sixteen languages, save the whales, write a novel, cure cancer, find and tame a unicorn, and so on. What the hell is left to do after they turn 30? And why is 30 some kind of cutoff for getting shit done? Why not make a list of things to do AFTER 30 to keep life interesting?

If I can accomplish the following things over the next year, I'll be happy.

-Run a 10K. I'm signed up for a 5K in May that should be pretty easy, and over the summer can train for a 10K in the fall.
-Visit a new country. Again, shouldn't be too tricky what with the honeymoon and all.
-Relearn piano...at least to the point of mastering basic chords. I completely forget everything I used to know.
-Shop for a house (after the wedding).
-Read at least 10 books.

My goals for May look like this:

-Order new glasses
-Finalize wedding music (both ceremony music and a DJ)
-Do a photo project: either one photo every 60 seconds for an hour or a day in the life
-Bluenose 5K
-Find a blog template I'm really happy with and stop changing the effing thing

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  1. Are you REALLY 28? *squints at your pic*...

    21 really sounds like your right age. :\

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! :)

  3. There are some really good 8 week programs online for 10ks. I'm training for one right now that I'm running in June. Let me know if you need any advice/support/massages :-P

    I can also give you some good titles for books if you need some.

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. 1) You're not 28. I won't believe it.

    2) I already found AND tamed a unicorn.


    3) I think I scared off your fiancé with my response to the invitation to your surprise party.

  5. Yes to house and piano!!! they're on my list as well. Good luck with the blog template ...lol.

  6. happy birthday :) of course you look 21. if that! :)

    love the resolutions. i also think birthday times are the best times for that. good luck with the 10k idea, that's so awesome!!!

  7. happy birthday! i think it's funny to read all the "before 30" to-do lists; looks like yours is pretty realistic though.