Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today I took it upon myself to do a little interior decorating. H2B and I have been talking forever about getting new bedding, and have looked at lots of bed-in-a-bag-type dealios but never settled on anything. This weekend I decided to surprise my lova with a new look for our bedroom.

This is what the bed looked like before...

We like the brown and blue comforter. One problem--it's heavy and hot when the weather gets nicer, so it often gets kicked off. But we're both big snugglers and like the feeling of burrowing into the bedding, yanno?

I did some shopping this afternoon and picked up the following things:

And voila!

White sheet set with grey floral trim, white coverlet, grey throw and matching accent pillows. The coverlet is nice and soft but not nearly as heavy as the old one, and the whole room looks brighter and crisper and more summery with the lighter fabric. I think it looks a whole lot better. H2B hasn't seen it yet, but when he gets home from Terminator (which, BTW, I've heard is an epically shitty flick), hopefully he'll like it.

Best of all, the whole thing was quite affordable. The coverlet was 79.99 at Winners and the rest of the bedding I found at Superstore during tax-free weekend. The throw was 10.94, gray pillows 6.44 each and the sheet set was marked down to 39.99.

I realize Superstore and Winners are hardly the most glamourous places to be buying bedding but the quality seems to be decent in these pieces. And before you poo-poo, consider the recent thread count fraud at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Who knows what you're actually getting until you've bought your sheets, brought them home, and made the bed? If I'm able to enjoy a restful night's sleep, I'll be a happy girl.

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  1. I think the new bedding looks great. Very much an upgrade!

  2. Love Love Love getting new bedding. As long as it looks great and it's super comfy, doesn't matter how much it costs. Looks great! Enjoy!

  3. Love it! Definitely looks nice and summery!