Five on Friday - five things to freshen up the home

Friday, January 31, 2014

Did this week seem absurdly long and slow to everyone else? Just me? I felt like I was scrambling all week long to keep up, and then today Plus a snowstorm thrown into the middle of the week didn't help either. I have been waiting for Friday night pizza and Saturday morning coffee (which is the same as Monday-Friday coffee but drank at 1/4 of the pace) for what feels like years.

But there were good things this week, too. J.Crew delivery! New necklace! The best homemade macaroni and cheese! Catching up on Breaking Bad! So, not a total bust.

All this being stuck in the house while it's snowy and barbaric outside gives me an itch to freshen up our home. Nothing too drastic, but a few little tweaks here and there to keep things interesting. Here are five things I've got my eye on lately to give our house a little kick:

[1] Threshold peony bouquets in a gold vase from Target - I love these little arrangements. I'd get a bunch and set them in a row down our dining room table, or put one on each end of the fireplace mantel. I saw these online and am not sure if they're available at Target Canada. I hope so! Fresh peonies in mason jars would also do the trick. Really, what I'm saying here is get this girl some peonies.

[2] Rifle Paper Co. prints from Chapters - I have visions of a gallery wall, whether it ends up being in my office, our ensuite bathroom, or in our kitchen...shhh, don't tell Peter. I think some of these framed prints would look beautiful and add some personality to any room!

[3] Navy throw pillow from Target - I've been feeling navy and white accents lately and I think some navy cushions would add a little bit of interest to our bedding, which is white and tan.

[4] Rustic Basket from Chapters - anyone with kids will tell you that striking a balance between having a home where toys are easily accessible without looking like a straight up daycare is a challenge. Since Christmas, Eli's toy situation has gotten a bit wild. I feel like dividing and conquering is the answer. Scatter these baskets in key rooms throughout the house, fill with a few toys and books, throw a cute blanket on top = problem solved.

[5] Lilac Blossom candle from Bath & Body Works - my favourite spring scent. Even though spring is still a thousand years away.

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