Hello, February

Monday, February 03, 2014

January was the longest month of all time, with ALL OF the weather, a lot of lazy days, a lot of comfort food...basically, January was a cozy, comfy cocoon. Which is great and all, for a little while, but I'm ready to shed a few layers, literally and figuratively. I really want to be able to go out in just a jean jacket and flats. I love my boots and scarves but at this point in the winter, I want to pack them all away and never see them again. At least until next October. 

french onion soup // one of many snow days
cuddles with the boys // reading by the fire
snow day attire // another kick at the marathon can

I'm happy it's February. I love any new month: a fresh start and a chance to set new goals. February brings the Olympics, and Valentine's Day, and a few less days of winter before we get to flip over to March! And spring! And daylight savings! 

My February goals are pretty simple: 

[1] eat clean 80% of the time (let's face it, there's going to be Friday pizza and Valentine's heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats, but I can still make a go of it the rest of the time.)
[2] refrain from online shopping
[3] get a massage
[4] book a dentist appointment for myself & for Eli 
[5] throw away 100 items
[6] follow my marathon training plan

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  1. I have had zero time to come up with my own February goals, but I like your list. So I shall steal it. (minus booking a dentist appt. for Eli. Because that'd be weird. And I shall swap marathon training for adding an extra Barreworks class to my week. Done! Good luck with your goals!

    1. Please feel free to take Eli to the dentist. I've been putting it off for months. Kid will barely let me brush his teeth!
      I haven't done Barre but have heard good things and would love to try it!