2014: JFDI

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I have always been the queen of New Year's resolutions. I've made resolutions every year since I can remember, even in elementary school. Succeeded at some, failed miserably at others. More fails than successes, if we're being honest.

This year is different. This is the first year I'm not making any New Year's resolutions. I have a mantra for 2014. Four letters: JFDI.

Even the word 'resolutions' smacks of inaction. Making a plan or articulating a goal is one thing, but where is the actual follow-through? You're going to do XYZ - HOW? What are the actual steps to making this thing happen? When are you going to start? To resolve to do something is one thing. To do is quite another.

It's great to make a list of the things you want to change in the new year, but sometimes, it feels like by writing that list, you're done. Whew, that was a task and a half. And then you put your notebook away, and then you forget about your lofty list of goals and hopes and plans, and that's that.

This year, my whole thing is 'just fucking do it'. Rather than saying "I want to get in shape", I am just going to go to the gym. Just use the damn juicer and make a green juice rather than waxing poetic about eating clean. Just set up an appointment with a financial planner and listen to what they have to say. Just sign up for the marathon or skiing lessons or cooking classes or whatever. Stop talking about it, stop making plans, stop scheduling things for tomorrow or next week or starting Monday. Just do it...now. Or when it makes sense. The point is DO.

You know what else is nice about 'just fucking do it?' You don't have to make a list of anything. You don't have to remember what your resolutions were. You don't have to dig out your notebook next December to see what you've accomplished. Action is instantaneous and measurable.

So that's my motto for 2014. JFDI!

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