A year of lists // 3

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

List #3 for 2014 is a list of things you should be proud of. This was hard, because every item I listed, I could think of a 'but'. I've had no student loans or car payments (but I have a mortgage). I've never had credit card debt (but I shop online way too much). I have a good relationship with my family (but I tell them probably 10% of what goes on in my life). So this list feels a little phony. Nevertheless, I'm telling myself these are accomplishments I can be proud of. 


raising a healthy, beautiful little boy // having a loving, supportive relationship with my husband // losing 30+LB and keeping it off // never had a student loan or a car payment // never had credit card debt // understanding how to prioritize and manage my time effectively // I take good care of myself (much better than in my 20s) // I'm able to recognize when I need a break and take one // finishing a half marathon six months postpartum // I have a good relationship with my family // i'm able to present solutions to problems rather than freaking out  // successfully keeping a dog alive (3+ years and counting :) ) // I make good cookies // I can keep a secret // I'm very organized

p.s. This week's list was snagged from here.

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  1. can I ask - in Nova Scotia how did you manage to not have student debt, it seems that everyone I know has student debt.
    Impressed on the 30lb weight loss!!!

    1. I worked haaard to avoid it. In high school I worked after school at McDonald's and saved as much as I could and I was lucky that my parents paid the difference. In between years at college, I had a summer job at a newspaper where I made a decent wage for a student and again, saved like a mofo and they helped with the rest. I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own so I was lucky to have that support.

  2. ah ok - I shall tell my kids to do something similar. In England my employer paid the majority of it (they have or they don't get staff over there) and therefore I just had $3k to pay of my own... I am always curious how its done here as its just so mahoooosively expensive here it seems