mamamonday: cereal killer

Monday, April 30, 2012

Eli and I have something in common from this weekend. Can you guess which of the following is true?

a. We both pooped in our diapers
b. We both turned 31
c. We both ate cereal
d. Both a and c

If you guessed d, get the F out of here. The answer is, in fact, c. Big E tried cereal for the first time.

To say it was a success and that he loves cereal is a gross understatement. There was what can only be described as lunging at the bowl and spoon, followed by crying when we took them away.

To give you some perspective, he has never cried when we've taken anything away from him before, including the most beloved of his toys (Sophie the $25 hunk of rubber giraffe) and his precious washcloth in the bathtub. But just try to take this kid's cereal away from him before he gorges himself, and feel the wrath.

I get it. If I'd been eating milk and milk alone for five and a half months, I'm sure a little rice cereal would be like manna from heaven.

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  1. Haha, glad he's liking it. Sky's the limit now!

  2. He loves it...he would eat an entire bowl if I let him. He has his dad's appetite for sure! We'll probably hold off on the fruits and veggies until he hits the big six months (uggghhh NEXT WEEK. why are the boys getting so old!?!)

  3. My babygirl is also loving rice cereal...I don't know what she sees in it, it tastes disgusting but you're right - after 6 months of milk anything must be better!! :)

    1. I always have a bite of Eli's to see if I'm missing something but still tastes like nothing. It'll be interesting to see how they like veggies and fruits!