Tuesday, April 03, 2012

watching: Mad Men season 5 and ANTM Cycle Eleventeenhundred
wearing: lots of skinny jeans, leggings, flats, and tank tops with cardigans - comfy, casual things that work for hanging out with a baby all day, but a step up from the old yoga-pants-and-tshirt days.
eating: creme egg brownies, homemade tortillas with avocado and lime, and veggie burgers, since I'm a baby who's scared of pink slime/e coli
excited for: Easter weekend, Mother's Day, and spring weather and sunshine
buying: Essie nail polishes. They have the nicest colours and they last forever! $11 seems like a lot for a bottle of nail polish, but since it's about 1/4 the price of a manicure I'm pretty good at justifying buying them.
worrying about: the price of gas! Leave it to me to worry about something I have absolutely zero control over. And getting my taxes done. I don't know why this stresses me out, but it does, every year.
drinking: Starbucks blonde roast. Eight more stars till my gold card! BALLER
reading: 11/22/63, aka the longest book of life. But I'm almost finished and it's really good!
wishing: that I had a tan. And that someone would just show up and clean my house from top to bottom. Spring cleaning is going...meh. I would rather be doing anything else.
proud of: running 13.1 miles on Sunday - it wasn't a "real" half marathon but at least I completed the distance and didn't die!
thinking about: playing around with a different hair colour. I'm considering blonde, except this time, I won't saturate my head with Sun-In and then sit outside for three straight days. It scares me a little though. All that maintenance!
obsessed with: Instagram, Draw Something, Pinterest, and this guy:

BRB guys, just heading out on a safari, K CYA!!

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  1. That picture made me laugh :) What a cutie!

    1. It makes me laugh too! He's not sure what to make of his new hat!

  2. Last time I was at Shoppers I was admiring the Essie colours. They have beautiful shades! But I couldn't bring myself to pay $11.99 for nail polish!! EVEN if I was trying to get to $50 to get 20x the points! LOL

    and those brownies look to die for. Too bad i'm trying to eat healthy so I won't be making them :(

    1. Ohhh Shoppers to me is like Costco or Target to other people. I can go in there for toothpaste and leave with $75 worth of stuff. The 'fancy' Shoppers with the pricey brands are the worst!

      I sent most of the brownies to work with Peter. They are deadly to have around the house.

  3. Essie is a bit cheaper at Wal-mart:)

    1. Coincidentally we were at Wal-mart yesterday to get some Easter candy and lo and behold, someone ended up in the makeup section. Funny how that happens! I did pick up a new essie (watermelon) and I think it was 8.97. Definitely a few bucks cheaper!