mamamonday: eli's first easter

Monday, April 09, 2012

Thanks to a sweet Easter snowstorm we weren't able to go to  my parents' house for dinner this year, but we still spent a nice holiday relaxing at home. Here are some pictures from Easter morning. We had planned to "take it easy" with Eli's Easter basket this year, but as you can see, we got a little carried away. At least he won't go naked this summer.

Easter haul

Only one toy and a whole bunch of boring stuff :)

Still half-asleep with an interesting morning hairdo!

Sitting up like a boss!

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  1. OMG this child is just SO adorable

    1. We think so too, but we're a smidge biased!

  2. Sorry so late in commenting on this post, I'm just getting caught up!! What a fun Easter! That hat & those shoes are adorable!