I Got Stripes

Friday, March 30, 2012

I have a problem. I recently took inventory of all the stripes in my closet and the findings were a little bit disturbing. You know how some people have an overabundance of one colour in their closets? Everything's black, or gray, or they'll have like six identical pink sweaters and not even realize it?

My overabundance is stripes.

Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic just had one of those 30% off online sales and I ordered a bunch of things for summer, including three tank tops and a button down. Two of the tank tops and the button down are - you guessed it - striped.

Looking at the Joe Fresh website, there's a striped dress or two I'm eyeing. Of course, I already have a striped Joe Fresh dress from last spring.

And one from H&M.

I have a striped cardigan.

I used my lululemon Christmas gift certificate to buy the Stride jacket...in white and indigo stripes.

I have had this Old Navy striped shirt for years and wear it with everything.

Don't forget these two little blousies.

Then there's this hoodie, which is the most comfortable thing ever. I got it from Garage, which means you'll probably see lots of 12-year-olds wearing it this spring. And me, old enough to be their mother. Get off me.

The total damage is as follows - 

Striped Sweaters: 7
Striped Dresses: 4
Striped Skirts: 1
Striped Blouses/Shirts:  5
Striped Shorts: 1

New shopping rule: NO MORE STRIPES. This rule comes into effect after I've bought that Joe Fresh dress. Then I promise to cool it on the stripes for a while...or change up the colours at least. All my stripes are black and white, gray and white, or blue and white.

What can I say? Some people smoke crack. I like stripes. Stripes won't put me in jail. But if I'm ever in jail, I'll get to wear stripes, so it wouldn't be that bad.

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  1. Haha! I have a stripe problem too. I used to only be into solids and in my efforts to expand into pattern I overloaded on stripes. And now I'm into neon. Someone stop me!

    1. Oooh I haven't jumped on the neon train yet, but there's a shirt at Gap I want. It's beige and neon pink. AND STRIPED. OMFG.

  2. When I read this all I heard was this song...


    1. It's been in my head all morning. Suddenly I want to watch Walk The Line :)

  3. Nothing wrong with having a style we like and sticking to it. I travel a lot for business and one of my last trips I saw this guy I hadn't seen since the summer and he was like, I see you still dress the same. I was like um, yes? Luckily he said it was a good thing, but it was definitely a weird comment to get from someone.

    If I find a shirt I like I'll generally buy it in every colour possible. I had like 30 tank tops for layering.

    1. I'm like that with some pieces too - like the Old Navy tank tops. They are perfect for layering or just throwing on in the summer and they're so cheap you can buy half a dozen and wear them until they fall apart!

  4. lol i love how you said the rule comes into effect after you buy your second joe fresh striped dress. LOL thats totally something I would do too.

    1. haha, just trying to be realistic, because I know next time I go to "get groceries" I'll be in Joe looking for that dress :)

  5. That hoodie looks so comfy... I feel like George is something only in Canada...