Five Things on Friday

Friday, January 27, 2012

1. I'm in my first week of training for a half-marathon in May. This week has been pretty easy, four three-mile runs and a cross-training day on Sunday...easy peasy, right? On Tuesday I was doing strength training at the gym and decided to do squats on the smith machine, used horrible form and my back has been spazzing out at me ever since. This morning's run was more of a cripple. I did get these puppies to put some spring in my step:

I haven't had black sneakers since high school so I feel a bit weird in them. The colours make me think of Fresh Prince.

2. Winter is maaaaaybe 1/3 over and I'm already thinking about spring - as much as I like my boots and big sweaters they're starting to get a bit tired. I got a 40% off Gap coupon in the mail and it had coloured jeans all over it. I might get a pair for spring. Kind of a fun way to punch up the wardrobe without looking too teenybopper. I think a pair of cobalt blue or red skinnies would be just fine and wouldn't look too ridiculous on me. I'll leave the yellow and hot pink to the younguns.

3. It has been brought to my attention that we're the "weird neighbours" because we still have a Christmas wreath on our front door. Oops. I want to make a new wreath for the door - sup Pinterest? Do you hang anything on your front door? I'm thinking this little burlap number might be cute, although I'll probably skip the heart shape and just do a plain ol' round wreath.

4. This is my new favourite nail polish: Essie Sand Tropez. I already tweeted about it this week but I'm really liking it. Neutral so it doesn't show chips easily and it's a little different from basic light pink. Dark polishes are fun but get dinged up so quickly, at least on my grubby mitts. It's nice to be able to stretch a manicure a little longer.
5. It's a big sports week - NHL all-star game tomorrow night and Super Bowl Sunday next weekend. I predict I'll make it through 10 minutes of each of these games. And I'll spend those 10 minutes shoving snacks into my face. That's what Sports Centre morning-after recaps are for. Until they can start putting games on at sane times (like, 3pm) this girl will be sleeping through all the action. Go Patriots!! And until about five minutes ago I thought the Super Bowl was this weekend. This is how out of the loop I am.

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  1. Superbowl is next weekend, Sun. Feb. 5.

  2. Why the hell did I think it was this weekend? Thanks...

  3. I can't believe you're training for a half marathon already!!! I did a 5k when Topher was 10 months old and I thought I was going to die :) But then again, I was a couch potato before he was born ...

    1. I'm going to give it a go...I might end up doing a shorter run come race day but I'd at least like to try the training plan, even if I end up running the half distance just on my own time :) I was running up until 32 weeks with Eli, then started up again when he was 6 weeks old, but that 14 week stretch felt like YEARS!!

  4. I'm all about the snacks during the Superbowl:)

  5. It's the one day of the year I'll eat Doritos!