Five Things on Friday

Friday, January 20, 2012

1. Last night I made lemon garlic spaghetti for dinner (recipe courtesy of my BFF Pinterest - you can find it here.) It was easy and yummy. Even though it was posted as a Meatless Monday recipe, we carnivores went ahead and added grilled chicken breast to our spaghetti. What can I say? We love eating charred flesh up in this. But with or without the chicken, this was yummy and easy and it's earned a spot on my regular roster.

2. Tomorrow is Peter's 31st birthday! Pete is a much bigger fan of birthdays than me. I view them as another year older, closer to death and without accomplishing anything useful. He sees his birthday as a day to eat cake and get presents, which is a much better way of looking at things.

3. Now that I can run five miles again without dying, I'd like to start a training program for running. I've been looking at Hal Higdon's training plans and am flip-flopping between the 10K and the half marathon. The Bluenose is in May and I'd like to run it. The training plans I'm looking at are 12-week plans, which means I could start them now and finish well before the Bluenose. But where this is my first race I'm not sure whether I should stick to the 10K for now and work up to running a half in the fall or just go balls to the wall and do the half in May. Any thoughts from the experienced running crowd? The Novice 2 half plan doesn't look too get two rest days a week and one long run.

4. Poor Rory has been getting the shaft lately with Eli ruling the roost so we had a little photoshoot the other day to showcase how pretty he is. He's been so good with the baby, sniffing him and licking his hands a bit, but very protective. If Eli's in his swing Rory just wants to lie close by and if the baby cries Rory gets all concerned. We'd been a bit worried about how he'd adjust but he's been awesome.

5. Peter and I had a date Sunday night to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was good - really similar to the Swedish movie, with a slightly different ending. I want to read the second and third books now. I liked the first book except the first 100+ pages were so hard to slog through. Once it got going it was great, but the first bit, with all the backstory about the magazine and whatnot, I found reaaaaally slow.

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