2012 Goals

Sunday, January 01, 2012

January - Start using my slow cooker more
We have a slow cooker and we've used it a grand total of three times in four years, which is a shame. Nothing can be easier than throwing a bunch of food into a pot in the morning and enjoying a piping hot meal come dinnertime with zero effort. I'd like to get into the habit of using it at least once a week.

February - Try a new exercise class or a new workout video at home
Whether it's yogilates, spinning, boxing, or even just a new routine I can do in our TV room at home I'd like to try something new fitness-wise in February to keep from getting in a rut. 

March - Do a super duper spring cleaning
This is a boring and sucky one, but I half-assed the spring cleaning last year. This year you'll be able to eat off the shower floors if you want to. I hope.

April - Take a mom and baby class with Eli
I'd like to take a swimming class with Eli to get him used to the water before summer, so hopefully if we go to the beach he won't have a total meltdown. In April he'll be five months old, so old enough to do mom and baby swimming.

May - Run the Bluenose 10K
This would be my first organized 10K run - and this is the third consecutive year I've vowed to do it. Obviously the first two years didn't work out. Third time's a charm?

June - Take a trip to somewhere new
It can be a road trip to a new town an hour away or something that requires more serious traveling, but I'd like to see some new places in 2012 and June is the perfect month for a little getaway.

July - Wear a two-piece to the beach
AKA "get back in pre-baby shape". I have no idea how long this will take. Maybe it'll rain all of July and give me an extra month?

August - Buy groceries at the farmer's markets and from local producers
I always say "we should get our food at the market!" And then I go buy a bucket of cherries from the opposite side of the globe. I'd really like to buy more local, fresh produce this year and summer is the best time to do it.

September - Complete a home renovation project
I'm plotting a few of these for this year and will share the details as they happen. Right now Peter's reading this going "renovations WTF?" Hee hee.

October - Get a makeover
I'll be returning to work (if I haven't already) and I'm sure that after up to a year running around behind a baby I'll be more than ready to freshen up my look. Fall is the best time to revamp a wardrobe with new clothes and makeup anyway, plus I'll try a new hairstyle. And maybe a massage. Not that a massage has to do with a makeover, but if I'll be at the spa anyway to get my hair done... I have to say I'm most excited about this month's resolution.

November - Plan Eli's first birthday party
Little man will be the big 0-1 on November 10 and I'd like to have a birthday party for him, with our families and friends. We haven't had a party at the house for a while and this is a good opportunity. Plus I'd like to do something special to mark Eli's first year complete with fun decorations, snacks and treats.

December - Volunteer
I used to volunteer regularly and it gave me the warm fuzzies (or cool swag depending on the gig). Next holiday season I'd like to volunteer for something of the warm-fuzzies variety.

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  1. I have a great recipe for your slow cooker!! Gooey chocolate cake:) Not a meal, but it sure is tastey!

  2. I love that you have goals for each month instead of a lump some of goals. This is a wonderful idea. I definitely think I need to do this! Love your blog and I am your newest follower. xo