GPOYW/When Fun Becomes Work Edition

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I am, edging the trim in our bedroom, smilin' away. Isn't painting FUN!!

Let me tell you, that smile eventually faded. Some genius told me it takes 45 minutes to paint a room and I believed them. Do you realize how grossly inaccurate that is? I thought, in all seriousness, we were going to have it all done on Sunday. In my deluded mind, we were going to paint four rooms in four hours, take a break for an early dinner, then apply the second coats and be done by 9pm.




It is now four days later and we have the bedroom completely finished, minus the trim, the dining room is finished minus the trim and edging around the ceiling, the living room needs a second coat, and the kitchen is still untouched.

Painting is HARD, yo. I felt like I'd been steamrolled on Monday morning from all the bendy-twisty-rolly action of the day before. You get sloppier and messier the longer you go (TWSS?) and you stop caring about being precise and neat in favour of finishing up already so you can have a stiff drink, clean up your spills, and cry. (Another TWSS? I'm on a roll).

Lesson learned: Next time, we won't bite off more than we can chew--we'll stick to one room at a time!

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  1. Oh goodness I remember when I painted my first room - a bedroom in an old apartment (which I didn't paint back to white, and lost my damage deposit, but it was pretty so it was worth it!) - I was so excited but vowed NEVER to paint again after I spent the entire day getting in all the corners, taping things up, spilling it on the floor and having the cat walk through the tray... nightmare!!

  2. I did all my painting with such precision and gusto when I started. Then I got frustrated that it was going on a week of work, started drinking, and thus destroyed all of our trims.

    They still look that way two years later as the PAY FOR A GODDAMN PAINTER negotiations continue.

  3. I feel your pain. Once, I started painting my old room in my parents house, and halfway through I gave up and never finished it. And years went by. And they sold the house with a half painted room.

    But it's okay, it was white on white and um... barely noticeable... at night.

  4. dont you love that lil edger guide? i cant walk in a straight line- how would they expect me to paint in one?

  5. Oh my god, painting is THE WORST!! My husband and I moved into our condo 2 years ago with hopes of painting all 5 rooms and hallways... fast forward to today and we have painted the living room and master bath because it TAKES FOREVER TO PAIN, evidently. Hopefully you guys have the stamina to get to all your rooms!

  6. Next time, have a painting party. Bribe your friends with pizza and booze :)