Two Weeks In

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Since we moved into the house, things have changed 'round these here parts in a pretty big way. For better? For worse? I don't know. Time will tell. Let me count the ways:

We are much more responsible with money. Yesterday I went to MicMac Mall, which houses goodies such as H&M, Winners, Jacob, Gap, Aldo, Spring...shops I never pass up the chance to browse. But yesterday, I went straight to Zellers to buy barbecue tools, a clothes drying rack and some plastic Tupperware-ish containers for the new house and I didn't even venture into the rest of the mall! Practically a Christmas miracle! In fact I haven't bought any new clothes or shoes since the move which is not all that impressive since it's been two weeks which I consider very thrifty!

We're clean machines! We've always been relatively tidy but if you'd told me I'd be scrubbing baseboard trim six months ago I'd have laughed in your face. Now it's like we can't clean enough.

We're fussy. Every placement of every object requires careful deliberation. You can't just go driving holes into the walls all reckless and cockamamie-like, hooo no. You plan where pictures are going to hang. You may or may not create cutout floor plans of your rooms and furniture and rearrange them over and over before you choose where to put a chair.

We are way too up close and personal with ants. We have some tiny little pricks who are loving our kitchen counter; I'm guessing they like the sweet scent of bananas and thin buns, because that's the only food that's out on the counter. I'm not going to judge, I'd come for bananas and thin buns too. We (and by we I mean Peter because I don't DO insects) put out four ant traps in the kitchen before the weekend. Today, I haven't seen any ants yet, knock on wood. I hope those busy little hardworking assholes took a big hunk of poison right back to their nest or wherever they come from and wiped out the whole brigade. Take that, animal kingdom!

We're more environmentally friendly. We are way better at things like taking quick showers and turning off the lights when we leave a room. Okay, so it's 100% because we're trying to keep our bills down versus caring about the earth, but the motive doesn't really matter as long as the actions are right, RIGHT?

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  1. Kyle and I have been cleaning our new apartment like crazy people - I can only imagine how we'll be when we get an actual house.