To Coach or not to Coach?

Friday, July 02, 2010

Halifax is getting a new Coach store today and when I first heard it was opening, I got very excited. But the more I think about it, the less of a hoot I give. Here's why:

I'm cheap.

Coach doesn't really apply to me. Upon browsing their websites, it appears that the cheapest shoulder bag is $298.00. That's about...$248.00 more than I've ever spent on a bag. As pretty as they are, I simply can't justify spending 300 bucks on a bag. Yes, I know it's an investment. I know that you take the total price of the bag and divide it by the number of times you'll wear it over the course of a lifetime and it actually costs JUST PENNIES A DAY!!

For example, let's have a look at this little number, the Alexandria. *swoon*

Price: $358.00
Frequency of Wear: 3x/week
Duration of Wear: 6 years

3 x 52 = 156 x 6 = 936
$358.00/936 = 38 CENTS PER WEAR

How affordable is THAT!? Yet for some reason, I'd rather pay $25.00 for some canvas shit at H&M that I wear maximum 10 times before I spill an entire double rum and coke inside it and have to throw it out.

For me, it's easier to justify spending money on something that's more boring practical--new furniture or a car tune-up.

Never mind that the bag is kind of an investment. And I'd use it practically forever. And it is totally necessary. After all, how can you carry things without a bag?! And it would go with everything. And it's pretty.

I might go to Coach today, after all. Just to look and browse and stuff. I might pat one of the bags. I might try it on and practice carrying it around. But I won't be buying anything. No sirree. Not this bear.

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  1. I had no idea. I might have to look and browse and pat and practice carrying some of the pretty bags, myself.

  2. Do they have a COACH outlet near you at all? We have one about 35min from my house and you can get pretty amazing deals.

    Buy one on EBAY.

    Take a trip to Las Vegas (excellent excuse to travel: I NEED A PURSE, STAT!). They have an insane COACH outlet that my Mother goes to and brings us back bags. She got my twin sister and I bags wtih matching wristlets for about $110 a set. AMAZING. We're going in August - I can't wait to spend all my money I've ever earned there. =)~

  3. I've never had a real Coach purse - only the knock off versions! I can't seem to find any that have the right "storage" space for me - pockets and what not. I'd rather have a big sack with a bunch of pouches for all of my garbage! When I walk into a Coach store, I feel a little out of place - but i have to say, their jewelry is gorgeous and really affordable, if you're into that :) You should go and browse, at least. Then blog about it!

  4. Good for you - I never understand how people can drop $300 on a BAG either - I'm all about the knockoffs :)

  5. I'm not sure how Coach thinks their store is going to survive in the shopping mall in Halifax. There isn't
    anything of comparable price in that mall; all the expensive shops are downtown. Furthermore, sure there are lots of
    Coach bags walking around town, but I'm sure at least half are knockoffs, 30% are from the outlets in the States, and MAYBE 20% were bought at full retail price. People in Halifax just don't spend that kind of money on a regular basis. I'm going to the outlet in New Hampshire next week.

  6. I've owned two Coach bags in my life. One I got for 25% off on sale (that's the way to buy - plus they give you nice coupons every once in a while after your first purchase). I actually used it quite often for a while (back in 05) but stopped because a) it was HOT pink, not the most versatile color and b) the bottom was partial suede, easily soiled. I still own it, but I never ever use it.

    The second purchase was a pink (yes, again) clutch that was really, really cute. And TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. For a clutch. But I was going to an awards show and really in a pinch, so I did what I had to do. I would up selling it on Craigslist because I needed the money more than I needed the clutch.

    I'm in the same boat as you, I tend to buy bags that are $30 and under, but I recognize the need for having a durable, classic, long-lasting and nice-looking bag. I think there is a middle ground, however - I found this one bag yesterday that is gorgeous and only $93. Yep, $93! It's here:

    I like the Stone color.

  7. I have always wanted a classic purse that was an investment rather than a Target special but I CANNOT seem to bite the bullet!

  8. @RunDiRun No harm in looking :)
    @Jenilee We have nothing remotely Coach-related around here, but the outlet sounds heavenly! I've heard about the Vegas deals as well!
    @Steph I'll check out the jewelry for sure!
    @Emily Jane If you can find a good replica, why not go for a knockoff!
    @Sarah Look at you, SARAH SMITH! :D That bag you found is great! Rumor has it the store here offers 25% for the first little while, so I will have to check it out.
    @Amy It's hard to take the first plunge! I'm sure it's like breaking the get one pricey bag and then it's soooo much easier to get more!

  9. Kim--that's a good point...the only thing that's even remotely comparable at HSC is Banana Republic and even then their bags are no more than $300 max. I'm really surprised Coach isn't downtown by Mills and stuff.

  10. I love Coach bags, but I have to agree with you on the cost. However, that doesn't mean that I'm averse to receiving one as a gift.

    I've given you an award on my blog:

  11. Thanks Aubrey!! Yeah, putting anything on your wish list for gifting is fair game :)

  12. I love your purse math! All my Coach bags have been outlet buys/gifts. I did go check out the store, but I wasn't up for spending that kind of cash (having said that, I seriously considered a $200 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in May and have suffered serious regret for not getting it)

    I was a bit surprised by Coach going to the mall. It seemed more suited for downtown. But what do I know? I'd put every store I like downtown if I could.