Vampires Suck.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I were granted a superpower of choice, it would be the ability to kill vampires--therefore, I guess I'd be a werewolf.

Here's why: there is way too much vampire bullshit in the world.

True Blood.
The Vampire Diaries.
An entire section of Chapters devoted to Twilight knockoff books.

Memo to teen girls: Vampires are not your friends! Someone sucking your blood isn't sexy. In addition to being gross, it's also fatal, and stupid. That's my articulate take on vampires.

They suck. (literally. Hardy har har!)

Therefore, if I had the opportunity to adopt any superpower, my choice would be pretty obvious. I'd love to be able to wipe out vampires, including fictional ones. Sorry, Robert Pattison and Sookie and Bill. Your days are numbered, fools.

Team Jacob!

Thanks to Mama Kat for the prompt inspiration!

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  1. 1) We're no longer speaking.

    2) The new blog layout is sass.

    3) Number one starts....NOW.

  2. You're sass and you won't escape talking to me. I have your work email!

  3. Lol I've always thought it was weird/interesting how vampires became SEXY. Seriously. So weird.
    And yeah, I kinda like Jacob better.

  4. Can I lobby for you to keep Dracula around? That book's a classic.

  5. I would just like to go on record saying I was a vampire fan long before the Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries things spun out of control. And I mean like circa Monster Squad era, here!

    Sparkling vampires do piss me off, though.

  6. Love the blog renos — I usually keep up through Google Reader, so I didn't see it until now — very nice!

  7. The main reason for this is Twilight. After it went big, everybody's trying to cash in on the craze so they are doing the only thing they can: do their own spin-off of it. I do agree that it is way too much. I really like Twilight, but I really think that all the craze has ruined it.

  8. I agree with you but I do love True Blood, SORRY. Also, why don't you have a SocialVibe widget up on your blog? You know we are in the Blogger widget gallery now!

  9. @KK I just don't get the appeal!

    @Katy I definitely preferred Jacob in New Moon. I'll give the other books a chance but I can only take them in small doses!

    @June Dracula can stay. He gets a free pass on account of being old-school

    @Jeney Oh, the sparkles are not good. NOT GOOD!

    @Lindsey Thanks ma'am! ;)

    @Renee I blame Twilight, one thousand percent.

    @Margaret Amen, sista!

    @Sarah I didn't know about the SocialVibe widget...gonna get me one of them thurr widgets

  10. Vampires are gross. Everyone wants to make money off of them now. They are the new trend, just like frozen yogurt places. I think I saw another preview today for a new vampire lame.