I paid $100 and all I got was this lousy piece of paper...

Monday, September 14, 2009

On Friday H2B and I packed up an assortment of photo ID and trekked to No Funswick to get our marriage license. Yes, the time has come, folks. No turning back now. It's OFFICIAL.

We were told we'd need to be interviewed separately and that the whole process would take about 20 minutes. In the grand tradition of Service NB, we spent about 18 of those minutes waiting in line and two being serviced. (Serviced...huh huh).

I was super nervous, having no idea what the "interview" would entail and a propensity to fear the worst. I imagined being led into an interrogation room lit by one unshaded light bulb overhead and being grilled about H2B's food allergies, shoe size, and medical history, failing miserably, and having to call the whole thing off.

I shouldn't have worried. The interview went pretty much like this:

"Are you related?" "No."
"Are you over 18?" "Yes."

Annnnd then we paid $100.00 and were sent on our way.

So now it's official. We are allowed to tie the knot in just 33 days--New Brunswick says so. I have never experienced time passing so quickly in my life.

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  1. heh i'm glad im not the only one who snickers at being "serviced."

    and congrats! i wonder what they wouldve done if you had answered "yes" to the "are you related" question.... hmmmm

  2. me too!! and what qualifies to related? i've heard it's scarily close...like, third cousins are ok...ew :(

  3. Lol, I had to laugh at your description of the imagined and actual interrogation.
    Congrats on the upcoming special day! How exciting.