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Thursday, September 03, 2009

44 days from today, I'll be married. I'm getting excited.

I'm excited for our wedding day. I'm excited for the preparations leading up to it...and starting to get a little nervous, too.

What I'm most excited about is the day after the wedding. The first day we're officially husband and wife. Wife...the word still sounds weird. It conjures up images of women in dresses and aprons rolling out pie crusts and using a big feather duster to spruce up the front room. I'm not sure if I'm 100% in love with the word "wife". But I'm excited to be one.

I'm looking forward to October 18, the day when we wake up and realize the wedding is over. The planning is done. We don't have to give another second's thought to which aunts and uncles to sit next to one another, or whether we should get pumpkin spice cake or stick to a more traditional white cake that we know everybody will enjoy, or why there aren't any first dance songs coming to mind that aren't completely gagworthy. The stress and the analyzing of details will be over. I'm so excited to wake up that day and feel free.

I don't know what we'll do. I imagine we'll get some breakfast, I'll have a coffee, and then maybe we'll start poking through our wedding gifts. We won't have a ton of time to dawdle because we'll be catching our flight to Montreal and then Paris in the afternoon. Still, I expect there'll be such a nice sense of calm that day. Whatever may go wrong at the wedding will be over and done with. Onward and upward. I won't be worrying about fitting into my dress. We won't be dutifully plunking big slices of our paycheques into a wedding account every month. (It'll be going into a house account instead...weeee!)

Life isn't going to change very drastically for either of us after the wedding. My name will be the same. Our living arrangements will be the same. It's not like we're going to buy a home the next day, or start clamoring for a baby. Essentially nothing will be different in terms of where we live or what we do or how we feel about one another.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the first day I get to wake up and have breakfast with my husband. I can't wait.

(Thanks, Mama Kat for the prompt!)

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  1. I wrote about my upcoming wedding too with this prompt!! You will have to come visit my site! I have thought about all of those same things! Congrats!!!!!!

  2. It will feel different. It's a hard thing to describe, but it will. And it's amazing. All of the planning stresses are gone and you can finally be just you again, not "wedding planners." That part is such a relief.

    Love this post :)

  3. This is awesome...the countdown is on!

  4. It takes a while to get used to the wife word. The other day my husband introduced me as his wife and it felt weird. We've been married for three years.