Two months to go...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Two months from today, I'll be married (actually, two months from right this second I'll be getting my hurr did). Two months from tomorrow, I'll be en route to the Moncton airport for my first-ever overseas flight. We're all booked for our week in Paris, and I couldn't be more excited!

There's so much to do before then:

-get our marriage license
-choose flowers
-firm up table centrepieces
-design and print programs
-buy gifts for wedding party and parents
-choose music
-find some underwear and shoes
-book makeup and nails
-decide on jewelry
-decide on a hairstyle
-announce the wedding in the paper
-order cake
-choose a menu
-order alcohol
-make or buy favours
-get my teeth whitened
-meet with our minister to confirm what's what
-get the ring bearer's tux fitted...this is waiting until September...the little bugger keeps growing
-get our wedding bands
-get fake wedding bands for the ring bearer in case he flips his lid during the ceremony
-get Euros from the bank, and decide what to pack for Paris

Is that seriously it?

That looks like a long list, doesn't it? But a lot of that stuff is quickie bits. The big things are essentially done. The next two months are going to fly by, but we're definitely getting there.

I had my first wedding shower on the weekend and it was nowhere near as awkward or strange as I'd feared. There were just the right amount of people there, tons of good food, a couple games and lots of laughs. I genuinely love EVERY gift I received and will use them all. In spite of the same list of gift ideas circulated to everyone, I only got one duplicate gift--salad spinners--and I can exchange one for something else. No big thing.

Our wedding colours are espresso and I guess a cream colour...what colour flowers do you think would go best with chocolatey brown dresses? One of our designers at work said anything but orange will work, because orange will look too Halloweeny. I'm thinking bright pink, just to add a nice pop of colour. Gerber daisies or stargazer lillies. What do you think?

Two months...let the dry heaves begin. I'm excited.

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  1. I was totally thinking Gerber daisies before I read it!

  2. A long-looking, but very manageable list for sure.

    I continue to be shocked by our similarities .. but our wedding colours were also espresso and cream/super pale yellow. My bridesmaids also wore dark brown and as the pop of colour, I picked yellow gerber daisies.

    Little bit of advice, send the shower thank you notes asap. You'll be glad you did. And for the gifts you get before the wedding day, send those thank yous asap too. It'll make the whole task much easier in the end. And make a check list of who you've thanked and who you haven't so you don't lose track.

    Happy planning! :)

  3. I think gerber over star gazers. I love star gazers, and love the smell of them but some people hate it and it is VERY strong. Just an pointer. I like Lindsey's idea of a yellow, too. But pink works as does red, or purple.

    I was thinking how lucky you were to only get one duplicate out of the same list circulating! But even the salad spinners.. one is an individual serving spinner and one is family sized!

  4. Yes, pink. Preferably two tone with bright and pale pink. Or a vivid blue could be lovely as well.

  5. Here you go...

    take a look, ask me any questions

  6. @dutchess that seems to be where i'm leaning!

    @lindsey thanks!! i checked out your fb pictures--lots of similarities for sure :) the yellow flowers do look nice. my thank-you notes are all ready to go, just need a couple more mailing addresses and they're dunzo.

    @megan gerber daisies seem more appropriate at that time of year and you're right, stargazers smell like funerals, especially indoors. they're pretty though. i wish they came in unscented.

    @sarah i'm pretty much sold on pink :)

    @michelle thanks!! will check it out :D

  7. exciting!!!! i like that fake rings part. haha...oh man.

  8. I second the bright pink flowers idea!

    Espresso and cream sounds lovely. And tasty.

    I'm laughing right now because I read "is that it?" I was thinking it was a hell of a job to be a bride in a wedding..

    Thanks for re-affirming that I don't want a big wedding :) I think I am happiest with a big buffet table of food, fried chicken and low key everything