Don't Stop Believin'

Monday, August 31, 2009

Anybody who knows me well knows that this is pretty much my jam.

I sing it at home, at work, in the car, in the bar. In the rain, on a train, in a house, with a mouse.

Needless to say, I was more than a little agitated upon hearing this tragic mutilation on the radio recently:

I hate this. This is just bad. George Lamond is pulling some pretty punk-ass shenanigans messing with such a classic. Techno beats? Really? I'm sure the members of Journey would be rolling in their graves if they were dead. Since they're alive, I don't know what their reactions have been. But they can't be very impressed.

This assclownery that is George Lamond remaking Journey has got to end. In fact, I think somebody should put their foot down on remakes, period. They are never a good idea. How many times has Big Yellow Taxi been remade, each version worse than the last?

The musical awesomeness that is Don't Stop Believin' may be imitated, but never duplicated. Nice try, George. Moral of the Story: Karl Wolf is not a good role model.

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  1. hahahahhaha ok so when I've had a littttle too much to drink Matt ALWAYS puts that song on, because I'll SING it. Not just sing it... but SING it. I have a whole dance for it.

    But I agree-- imitated, but never duplicated :) I hope I don't hear it on the radio! Ugh!

  2. The key to doing a cover is to do it better than the origianl and uh that's not going to happen with something as wildly amazing as Don't Stop Believing!